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Suoni Per Il Popolo + Misery Loves Co. + Molly Sweeney // Underground Sounds

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Join Underground Sounds tonight (8-10pm) for 2 hours of MTL music hosted by Nick Schofield.

Keeping you up to date with new tunes, festivals and upcoming concerts, we’ll be featuring loads of interviews and an in-studio performance from the likes of Steve Guimond (Suoni Per Il Popolo festival and long-time booker of Sala Rossa + Casa del Popolo), upstart cassette label Misery Loves Company and local chantreuse Molly Sweeney.

Tune in anywhere at or on the dial at 90.3 FM!

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Tonight: Born In Flames Screening @ McGill

Join CKUT, Dragonroot RadioQPIRG McGill and The Union for Gender Empowerment for a benefit screening of Lizzie Borden’s 1983 controversial film, Born in Flames. Set in New York City, a group of women take the revolution further than anyone could have ever imagined. The film is backed by a bad-ass punk soundtrack! Gender empowerment, feminism, liberation movements, the power of radio and the intricacies in-between. Film Screening 18h00 – followed by a moderated discussion 19h30. Entry is by donation (suggested $2-5)/PWYC – it’s a CKUT fundraiser, after all. Bring yer friends!

ckut is hiring

Wanna Work at CKUT? The Music Dept is Hiring!

ckut is hiring

Oh yes, you read that title right: we are hiring someone to take care of our beloved record library, help organize kickass programming, and integrate new volunteers into the wild & wonderful CKUT music department.

Working closely with the Music Department Coordinator, the Music Librarian and Music Volunteer Coordinator will work to promote local music and emerging artists both on-air and over the CKUT music blog, as well as assist with the development of CKUT’s digital music library. As well, the individual in this position will work in collaboration with the Music Department Coordinator to curate, promote and develop two radio programs, The Montreal Sessions and If You Got Ears (IYGE). The Montreal Sessions is a two hour weekly radio show that is programmed by a different local curator, such as: muscicians, artists, promoters, record labels, festivals – with a new curator every month. IYGE follows the same monthly-curator structure, but is focused on more avant-garde and experimental aesthetics. Finally, the position involves developing a plan to improve the integration and training of new Music Department volunteers.

Full job description is up on the CKUT website!




Spring? Pfft, it is still plenty snowy and sub-zero here in Montreal — officially jealous of those in warmer climates right now. Here at CKUT we are keeping our spirits up by organizing tons of cool shit for the next few months, including a talk on the history of hip hop by the GZA (!!!) that will be happening at McGill on April 5th. Check out the full deal for that here:

til next week,

ckut top 30 – march 25, 2014
cosy father – loser birds – hot hand cold hand CC
old haunt – empty heart – self-released CC
black lips – underneath the rainbow – vice
whoop-szo – qallunaat/odemin – out of sound CC
family fodder – monkey banana kitchen – staubgold Continue reading

Today on the Montreal Sessions: A Sacred Cloud In-Studio, Sound Art Debuts, et plus!

Today marks the final episode of the Howl Arts Collective series of the Montreal Sessions, and they’re going out with a bang. Listeners will experience the on-air debut of sound art recordings inspired by the Quebec 2012 student uprising: audio compiled, created and performed by Joseph Sannicandro and Stefan Christoff, these recording will be launched on air during the Montreal Sessions. They will also be available on cassette from Howl Arts at a later date. Today’s show also features a very special in-studio performance by A Sacred Cloud. Catch it all today from 3-5pm on the one-and-only C K U T.




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Tamara Sandor // Underground Sounds

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Are you a fan of Montreal’s music scene? Well, every Monday 8-10pm Underground Sounds, (hosted by me, Nick Schofield) tunes you into new releases and upcoming shows from the 514.

Tonight’s show shines the spotlight on Tamara Sandor, a truly talented local singer-songwriter. Treating us to an in-studio performance and interview, this is a once-in-a-blue-moon session…

Don’t miss out, listen at 90.3 FM or online at

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Today on New Shit: Hot Hand Cold Hand & Misery Loves Co.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been jamming new music from two upstart labels pretty much non-stop. Victoria, BC’s Hot Hand Cold Hand and local Montrealers Misery Love Co. have been on a roll with a whole bunch of new material, and today on New Shit we’re chatting with each to get the scoop on what they’re up to and where they’re going. The brains behind HHCH will be joining us by phone from 3-4pm EST, and a few members of the MLC crew will make a special in-studio appearance during the second hour of the show. Consider this a special peek into two very thriving scenes that are on the cusp of big things.

New Shit airs every Monday from 3-5pm EST, featuring the newest & raddest sounds as curated by the CKUT music department. Can’t listen live? Be sure to catch it via the CKUT audio archives.


In which I write about how we’ve finished re-vamping the Music Library

Look at that Jazz/Int'l shelf...

Ahhh, look at that.  Our library has just undergone a minor/major overhaul.  All of our LPs have been dusted off, alphabetized, and re-labeled.  We’ve also introduced small dividers that stick out ever so slightly from the shelf to make it lightyears easier to find things/put them away (and cleared away some mysterious bins of crap).  We even topped it off with a mopping for good measure (gasp).


There’ll be a few more small enhancements over the next few weeks (new shelf labels, section dividers, and a “Repair” box).  Also, if anyone has a cassette shelf or three they’d like to donate to the station in the meantime, please do write library at

Programmers/volunteers: enjoy the library!  Let’s try to keep it like this or better forever and ever.




Busy week, keeping this short – charts are below, loud returns next week.

ckut top 30 – march 18, 2014
angel olsen – burn your fire for no witness – jagjaguwar
tara jane o’neil – where shine new lights – kranky
officer! – ossification – megaphone/knock ’em dead
picastro – you – static clang CC
shining wizard – no room for – self-released CC Continue reading


Show Review: U.S. Girls, Gashrat, Pink Noise @ Casa, March 14 2014


Friday, March 14 Casa Del Popolo
U.S. Girls, Gashrat and The Pink Noise

Friday night was blessed with a thaw in the seesaw mechanics of Montreal’s end of winter, so the mood throughout the packed rooms was buzzing with imminent-spring sexual tension and unleashed happiness, always a good start for a show at the Casa.

After a brief pre-show chat with 2/3’s of Pink Noise about the fear of stage-fright induced projectile vomiting, they proceeded to kick out a sonic sucker punch. Singer/Howler/Pink Visionary Mark Sauner and drummer Tara Desmond’s loose/tight performances  were spot on but, for me, these were overshadowed by  Graham Langdon’s shaolin-level angular non-riff guitar riffing. Graham “the Grapey One’s” playing made my jaw go slack, as it does every time I hear him play.  However, I do so admire how Pink Noise has evolved into a band with the ability to do math-core-infected stop on a dime-isms followed up by falling over backwards into a barrel of scorpions-isms.

Upon arriving home after the show I wrote down that Gashrat are the embodiment of post war blues heard under the influence of trailer park amphetamine nightmares induced by spores of plants growing out of the trash bins behind the MySpace office. Now, after sleeping off the multiple Jamesons, I feel that they define my preferred definition of punk rock: uncompromising, visceral, honest and un-preoccupied with ornamentation – which can be hard to find these days. It should be noted that both bands so far written about share a bonafide genius musician amongst its members, and if that person doesn’t become famous in the next five years our civilization is indeed broken.

I found myself drawn into the U.S. Girls soundworld, which could be described as having the best elements of early ’60s girl group and torch songs accompanied by a rummage rack of synth rhythms all drenched in reverb and recorded on a cassette 4-track. There’s a suggestion of contemporary art elements synthesized into U.S. Girls’ show, but I found it impossible to tell if this was contrived or absorbed through inspired osmosis, it just all made sense. I really like this recent wave of bands of this ilk (Dirty Beaches, Jef Barbara, St Vincent, etc.) who fold in the better lessons of music and art into what is closest to the true meaning of post-rock. Maybe the only thing that should be noted was that, after being thrillingly pummeled by two much louder and more populated bands, the packed room was riveted to U.S. Girls more nuanced performance.

To top everything off, the merchandise table was a beautiful display of 12″ and 7″ vinyl records and cassette tapes, which indicates music lovers were running the night.

– Marc Montanchez