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Hey friends-

Keeping this week’s write-up short in the wake of a whole bunch of CKUT birthdays and the inevitable post-celebration colds, plus a big mountain of work to be done. . .

Pictured above: a photo from a pretty magical outdoor performance by drom for du dor, a local duo of noisy guitar + voice that spilled wild sound out into the barren dusk by the Van Horne traintracks on Sunday evening. Winters here are something else.


ckut top 30 – february 4, 2014
thee silver mt. zion memorial orchestra – fuck off get free we pour light on everything – constellation CC
jack deming/swenson clane – split cassette – self-released CC
sam shalabi – music for arabs – majmua music CC
hurray for the riff raff – small town heroes – ato
energetic action – becoming – self-released CC Continue reading

February Gets Crazy on If You Got Ears

You tuned into yr radio right now? Catching all these wild jams courtesy of K. Zozula & special guest Matt May? They’re bringing us an extra special month of If You Got Ears, kicking off right now — here’s what to expect for our February edition of Ears:

This month local Little Italy Omelette Champion 2011Kaity Zozula will be forcibly commandeering the airwaves on If You Got Ears every Wednesday this February from 12-2pm. Rising like a Big Muff-obsessed phoenix from the ashes of infamous rabble-rousers The Femme Maggots, Kaity currently plays in “a couple of bands”. Fresh off headlining DJ sets at “My Couch, 2am, summer of 2013”, and “that one time at Kathy and Kimy”, Kaity is “stoked” to “finally” bring her fresh and commercially-viable “vibe” to the station. Expect the unexpectable, explain the inexplicable, digest the indigestible, expect phone calls from her dad and plenty of scare quotes.

Hear it every Wednesday from noon til 2pm, or on the CKUT archives.