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Gig review: My Bloody Valentine @ Metropolis, November 6/13


On a dreary November night, a crew of CKUT-ers ventured out to see sonic legends My Bloody Valentine lay sonic waste to one of Montreal’s largest concert halls. CKUT’s Marc Montanchez recaps the experience for those who missed out, or for those who want to relive the gig all over again:

MBV played most of loveless, about 2/3rds of the new album, and a smattering of selections from their first album. All note for note, perfect and great sounding. If you’re not a  connoisseur, MBV’s music is pop perfection in the continuum of simple hooks supporting melodies that are wistful and/or melancholic in emotion. The sound is comparable to holding a sea shell to your ear, filtered through a fractal equation of infinitely nuanced beauty amplified by a 30 foot wall of 100 watt Marshall stacks.

Their final number, You made Me Realize (an early pre-Loveless EP release) featured the infamous mid-section blast of sonic doom, which lasted about 10 minutes. The only way to describe this is to imagine being strapped to a rocket booster as it ignites from the launch pad and exits earth’s atmosphere.