Daily Archives: October 7, 2013


Year of Glad + Sea Oleena + Polaris Prize symposium // Underground Sounds






What a rainy day. The sky just turned a crazy shade of gold and is quickly fading to blue. Ahhh, October.

Year of Glad is in-studio to play some tunes, that’ll be sweet. And Sea Oleena heads to CMJ next week so let’s air a little interview with that lass about her third forthcoming album.

Lastly, we have footage from the Polaris Prize symposium at Pop Montreal to share. My bud Erik Leijon was a panelist, he’s a good dude. Also, Steve Jordan (guy who founded the prize) said no radio show would air a 20-minute Godspeed track which I took as a personal challenge; that’s the way CKUT rolls/trolls.

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