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Jazz Amuck Funding Drive Giveaways

Tune in friday morning from 9-11am for a chance to win some Ratchet Orchestra swag!

514-907-9424   OR

Listeners who pledge $25 or more on Jazz Amuck and pay before midnight November 22, will each have an entry in the draw to win one of two Ratchet Orchestra T-shirt  + CD prize packs:
– Men’s brown T + Hemlock CD
– Woman’s black + Live at Sala CD

Plus the usual A+ programming from John B.

Want more details? Check the full scoop on Jazz Amuck’s website.

This Week’s Live

The music dept picks at the city’s live offerings…

NYMPHNYMPH play at Brasserie Beaubien Friday, November 1st


Thursday, October 31st – Saxsyndrum @ Casa Del Popolo

Never seen so many people spontaneously dance.

Friday, November 1stNYMPH, Maica Mia, Sacral Nerves, Drom for Du Dor @ Brasserie Beaubien

Very excited for NYC septet NYMPH, plus a host of local doom.

Saturday, November 2nd – Himalayan Bear (ex-Frog Eyes), Holobody, Silverkeys @ Casa Del Popolo

Frog Eyes are a really excellent band.

Tuesday, November 5th – Sebadoh, Octogrape @ Il Motore

Throwback 90’s noise-rockers.

Wednesday, November 6th – Canadian Festival of Spoken Word @ La Sala Rossa

The CFSW comes to Montreal + has some really amazing programming this year.  Check it out at the link above.







Hey friends,
Back in action after a rad week spent in New York for CMJ – saw a lot of music, high-fived a lot of friends, ate a lot of tacos. Pretty successful. Fighting the usual post-vacation cold, and trying to kick the coughs & sniffles before our annual Funding Drive kicks off this Thursday (!!!). We are aiming to raise $60,000 and we need yr help to get us there . . .

Here are some handy links to get you psyched on what’s in store:
Why we ask for donations, and where the money goes:
Check the kickass special programming we’ve got planned:
And don’t forget the sweet prizes up for grabs, too:

Charts may or may not happen next week depending on what sort of FD madness we’ve got going on. In the meantime, tune in and give us some love to make sure no-boundary, freeform radio stays alive & kicking here in Montreal.


ckut top 30 – october 22, 2013
land of kush – the big mango – constellation CC
u.s. girls – free advice column – last gang CC
esmerine – dalmark – constellation CC
saxsyndrum – future circus – self-released CC

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Montréalive :: Femmaggots ++ She Divides!

Montréalive :: Femmaggots ++ She Divides!

Hey Radio Pals,

While the main focus these days around the station is on our annual funding drive, we’ve also recently dusted off our collaboration-shoes and started working with our good friends over at TVM to bring you a brand new series of videos featuring some of the incredible music that graces our streets, venues and airwaves here in Montréal.

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, we’re calling the series Montréalive.

We’ve already posted the first two videos, and many more are on the way!

First up: The notorious Femmaggots with their infectious tune Parrot.

And second, local synthy space cadets She Divides, bringing the haze in a converted garage.

Keep it Locked on the music blog for more videos from the series coming your way soon!

Wanna get involved? Hit us up!

funding drive 2013

Funding Drive 2013 // Underground Sounds

underground sounds posterIt’s time to show how much you love Underground Sounds and CKUT by donating to our annual funding drive. Help keep community radio alive and kicking!

For the special occasion we’ll be talking with previous show-hosts Agata de Santis and Natalia Yanchak (The Dears) about the importance of Underground Sounds and campus-community radio. Listen for interviews with Murray A Lightburn about his project MASS:LIGHT and catch a chat with Fragile Feet about their upcoming show. Last but not least, in-studio musical guest SwampWolf will be serenading us all night long.

There are tonnes of prizes for donators like sweet t-shirts, free beer for a year (!!!) and a really special Underground Sounds poster designed and hand-numbered by GRIMES.

Help us raise $60,000 to keep Montreal’s people-powered-radio alive, call 514-907-9424 or online at now.

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New Shit Live @ Casa del Popolo

Look at this lineup!


Maica Mia
Stefan Christoff
Year of Glad

Tune in today from 3-5pm to hear short sets from all the above plus we’ll chat with the artists and a play a few Very New tunes for you as usual.

facebook: here.


and don’t forget!  our funding drives runs til sunday, november 3rd!  check out all your donating options and the amazing prizes & thank-you gifts up for grabs here!



Show Review: The Kalmunity Jazz Project

rsz_kvcmozaiqueclean-photos_by_melika_dezThis past Sunday I was lucky enough to catch the Kalmunity Jazz Project  play a set at Resonance Cafe. Right from the start there was a very positive vibe in the room, partly because to the causal and relaxed atmosphere of the cafe (comfy seating and low lights) and partly due to the enthusiasm and passion of the members of the band. For this performance the Kalmunity Jazz Project  consisted of two saxophones, a piano, a trumpet, a bass, a lead guitar, a singer and two percussionists.
             As I sipped my green tea, the band played a variety of original material that melded traditional and modern jazz with soul, afrobeat, hip hop and funk. Each member seemed to be having a great time playing, particularly during their solos. I was especially impressed by the trumpet solo and the tenor saxophone solo. They both showed immense skill and style. The solos were exciting and fun, giving the audience a rush of energy and joy. The trumpet solo was super dynamic, bursting with energy. He was really great at referencing earlier parts of the song, while adding his own unique style. The tenor saxophone solo was funky and fun. When he began to play he walked on to centre stage and sort of created his own weird groove. The rest of the band followed his lead and it created this great moment in which really got the crowd going. It was clear that the Kalmunity Jazz Project  were equal parts musician and performer.
            The vocalist of the group showed great range. She had a strong R&B voice that she used to scat. She was very much consumed by the performance, swaying back and forth to the music, closing her eyes when she was singing and responding to the playing of the other band members.  Not all the songs had vocals and when there were vocals, the other instruments did not act like her accompaniment. It was as if her voice was just another instrument.  It was cool that there were two percussionists. One played a basic drum kit, while the other had this cool set up that included various cow bells, tambourines, bongos and shakers. It was interesting to see him integrate all these noises into the music.
            Overall the show was really fun and lively. There was many occasions for audience participation, with call and respond scatting, banter with the vocalist and encouragement to dance and have a good time. For more information on the Kalmunity Jazz Project  please visit

CKUT’S Funding Drive Starts NOW!


CKUT’s annual Funding Drive kicks off today, and we’ve got some pretty amazing stuff lined up to help generate support & spread the word. This is the one time of the year where we reach out to the community (that means YOU!) to ask for donations that will help us keep broadcasting for another year. As a wholly freeform, not-for-profit station we rely on help from our own to keep this ship afloat. Having no funding from major corporate advertisers or public funding allows us the freedom to use the airwaves to discuss underrepresented issues, feature oppressed voices, and play the wildest music we can get our hands on. If you want to keep CKUT on the air for another year, now’s your chance to make that happen!

Check out our website for the lowdown on the special programming we have planned for the drive — tons of it happening live from the cafes/bars/streets of Montreal, and we’d love to have you there in person to help us make radio magic.

Like winning things? We’ve wrangled tons of prizes and goodies for those who donate. Peruse the list of treats right here.

This year’s funding drive runs from October 24th – November 3rd. You can donate online, call our FD hotline at 514-907-9424, or drop by the CKUT headquarters at 3647 rue University to make a pledge in person.

A Tribe Called Red 620

We are extra excited that Bear Witness of A Tribe Called Red will be joining the Off the Hour crew this evening for a special Prison Radio segment. Catch it on the dial or streaming live from 5-6pm today.




La Brique Extravaganza on Today’s IYGE

Today on If You Got Ears, JLK will be talking with a number of local musicians & organizers about the now-defunct, much-beloved space La Brique. Over the past seven years it was the home base for countless creative projects and hosted hundreds, if not thousands, of weird & wonderful live shows. In the wake of its closure, JLK and guests will be discussing its history, impact, and what’s next for the scene. Tune in from 12-2pm today at for this special segment on an essential piece of Montreal’s underground culture.


JS Truchy live on If You Got Ears/Free Music Archive

the voice of a man who sounds like he’s trying to shatter glass.  loops samples delays keyboard subtle errie and beautiful, Jean-Sébastien Truchy played on If you Got Ears on October 9th.

check it here:

and the interview with he (founder of label super fantastique Los Discos Enfantasmes) and Christian Richer (of Kinnta Records/the Haiduks/Rakam) and host Jane Kasowicz (JLK) who talk about upcoming released guitar solos and harsh noise that reminds you of New Order: