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Got any magic cures for the evil back-to-school cold? Gotta play a gig tonight and feeling decidedly under the weather — if you have fast-working, foolproof remedies to suggest, send ’em my way.

And oh, hey, this happened:
thanks y’all!

Loud + RPM charts return next week.

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ckut top 30 – september 17, 2013
stefan christoff & osama shalabi – rodina – howl! arts collective CC
sarah neufeld – hero brother – constellation CC
chevalier avant guard – resurrection machine – fixture CC
v/a – craft singles vol. 3 & 4 – craft records CC
galaxius mons – galaxius mons – kinnta CC Continue reading

ari swan

Ari Swan // Underground Sounds

ari swan





This week violinist Ari Swan visits CKUT and we’re excited for her in-studio performance! We’ll also be chatting about Casa getting a flowery make-over, recent collaborations and who’s doing her hair. Tune in as of 8, we’re live ’till 10pm. or 90.3 FM – that’s that!

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This Week’s Live

the music dept picks at the city’s live offerings…

Scout Niblett plays Casa Del Popolo Monday, September 16

Monday September 16 – Scout Niblett, Dope Body, Big Brave @ Casa Del Popolo OR Chelsea Light Moving, Speedy Ortiz @ Cabaret Du Mile End

Hard choice, this one.  Badass melancholic women of legendary Scout Niblett and local Big Brave with rip-and-roar Dope Body from Baltimore.  Across the street Thurston Moore and new MA rock 90s-slackrock outfit Speedy Ortiz who are literally exploding white-hot from the mouth of the buzz-cannon.

Tuesday September 17 – Shining Wizard, Squalor, Lung Butter @ Barfly

Spastic noise jazz ginding-of-teeth Shining Wizard with anxiously-anticipated mems-of infamous local genderless rock spectaculars Femmemaggots and Very Heavy Squalor who I’m sorry I don’t know much about (yet).

Thursday September 19 – Ari Swan, Mathieu Charbonneau & Pietro Amato, Ohara @ Casa Del Popolo

An evening fit for the weather.  Some beautiful voices in there.

Friday September 20 – Gate (The Dead C’s Michael Morley), Tom Carter, Cian Nugent @ Casa Del Popolo OR Marc Molner (Kingdom Shore), H. De Heutz, Lung Butter @ La Plante

There is a picture of the Dead C next to “Cult Following” in the dictionary.  Marc Molner blew my brain off with a cello at Cafe L’Artere in the spring.  Heavy, meditative, drone.  Lung Butter: see above.

Sunday September 22 – Rae Spoon @ La Sala Rossa

Rae Spoon is a Canadian Icon for some, and a hero for many.  New album release.


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garage sale

CKUT Open House + Garage Sale

garage sale

Yep, you heard it here first: CKUT will be having a garage sale and open house along with our rad upstairs neighbours QPIRG on Monday, September 16th. Swing by anytime between noon and 6pm to get a station tour, check out the studio, and stock up on cheap records. Consider it a sneak peek into the magical world of radio, sound art, and community organizing – we wanna see you there!


sound ark

Today: Montreal Sound Ark, 3-5pm

sound ark

Today’s episode of Montreal Sound Ark features deep, deep cuts from Louis Rastelli (Archive Montreal). Tune in for local 60s garage, rock, and ye-ye. Music that hasn’t seen the light of day in years, curated by Montreal’s finest crate-digger. 3-5pm today (Friday the 13th), ckut 90.3fm, or tune in at Check out for some great visuals, as well.

ark 2


Concert Review: Regards sur le 7eme feu @ Sala Rossa, September 5 2013


Photo by Neal Rockwell

A packed house at the Sala Rossa witnessed the opening concert of the “Regards sur le 7eme feu” project.  The music was performed by a 12-tet of Montreal-based players directed by a pair of keyboardists, Stefan Christoff and Xarah Dion.  A CKUT co-presentation, Christoff hosts the monthly Free City Radio show on the last Monday of each month.

While one might have difficulty pinpointing the political motivations behind the purely instrumental music, the program notes were explicit.  The title refers to an Anishinaabe prophecy concerning the proverbial choice of roads one can follow, one fork leading to “peace, love, brotherhood and sisterhood,” the other with less desirable consequences.  A contemporary analogy is drawn between materialism’s path towards environmental destruction versus the more spiritually enlightened path of green sustainability.  A further connection is made between the Idle No More movement’s plea to manage our earth’s resources more responsibly, of increasing concern with various “Plans Nord” being put into place.  The listeners are invited to contemplate these issues against the backdrop of the colonial foundations of Quebec and Canada.

With that in mind, the music began with a slow drone, evoking the vast spaces of the North, quiet at first with small flutterings from everyone, gradually increasing in activity.  The fire burned slowly until the embers were stirred by a scorching violin solo by Tim Keen, followed by a high keening whistle from saxophonist Fred Bazil which soon morphed into a growling solo.

The hour-long concert of continuous sound was nevertheless broken into distinct episodes, with songs separated by sparse breaks, consisting, for example, of a single organ tone or rustlings from the orchestra.  There was variety in texture and overall feel between sections, which were often characterized by repeating motifs providing a background for improvisations from all members.  One highlight among many was a galloping middle-eastern flavoured guitar solo by Lubo Alexandrov, the scale re-used by other soloists to form a cohesive section.  A solid rhythm section consisted of two bassists, Peter Burton and Mark Haynes, and drummer JahSun.   The group was rounded out by cellist Claire Abraham, and second guitarist and second sax players in Ian Ferrier, and Drey Sax, respectively.

This was the premiere performance of this long term project, and it will be interesting to see how the project develops through the future installments.

– Lawrence Joseph

Lawrence Joseph is one host of the collective program Jazz Euphorium, which can be heard on Wednesdays from 8-10pm on CKUT.

Show Review: Destruction Unit, The Notes, thisquietarmy @ Turbo Haus 9/9/13

Henry and I were amongst the  roughly 80 people that got their asses off the couch/chair on a monday night to go check out Austin’s Destruction Unit. We weren’t expecting a third band so it was a nice surprise to find thisquietarmy warming the place up. Being a one-man band doesn’t afford much visually as far as performance goes, but trance-inducing volume kinda makes up for it with this outfit. Musically it’s as good as any of his recordings I’ve heard but with more rhythm and always walls of guitar. Metal drone trance!?

TQA is followed by the Nodes who are total psycho, energetic hardcore punk with a major noisy/chaotic slant. Not entirely unlike Homostupids. Thought I recognized one of the Marshstepper guys in their line up but I may be mistaken. Drummer wears nothing but a speedo and porno shades, bassist is shirtless with some hard to read shit scrawled in Sharpie on his torso and the singer’s got his whole head & face bandaged only leaving holes for his eyes & mouth. And they kinda go apeshit. Now that’s entertainment!

We finally come to the main course: Destruction Unit! They’re an acid freakout psych band from Austin, Texas home of the 13th Floor Elevator, Red Crayola, Butthole Surfers and the likes. The freakout tradition goes back almost 50 years in this city and it’s deeply instilled in DU. They also have this slight Bauhaus “bat cave” feel to their music coupled with infectious tunes, massive amounts of flanger, vibrato and feedback and great baritone goth style croon ala Peter Murphy. They played songs exclusively from “Deep Trip” their amazing new LP out on Sacred Bones, and closed the set with a 15 minutes guitar freakout. Too short at roughly 45 minutes long but awesome nonetheless! Easily best concert of the month with all the rockin out and trippy decibels emanating from the stage. Although there is still Metz playing on the 29th…!?

– Wag, host of Skewing the Waves & all-around CKUT noise lover
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Hello radio,

I’m still fighting off some drowsiness after helping put on a pretty rad gig for German avant-jazz-psych jammers Jealousy Mountain Duo last night – weekday shows that run past 1am make me feel old but, y’know, whatever, right? That’s rock & roll for you. Last week I also caught a super powerful show from Esmerine, Matana Roberts, and Ottawa pals Kingdom Shore – the whole night was pretty stunning, but Matana’s solo set in particular comes especially recommended by the humble taste of this little music coordinator. It left me floored.

time for some more coffee. here are the charts.

ckut top 30 – september 10, 2013
sarah neufeld – hero brother – constellation CC
diana – perpetual surrender – paper bag CC
winter coats – why so monumental? – stainless manchu CC
esmerine – dalmak – constellation CC
stefan christoff & osama shalabi – rodina – howl! arts collective CC Continue reading


Album Review: Koko Blue – Crosses and Planks


Crosses and Planks is the debut release of Koko Blue, a collaboration project of Koko Bonaparte (interstllr) and Evan Gordon (The Magic, Islands). This 13 track record offers a stirring melange of emotionally heavy vocals and piercing guitar rifts. Singer Koko Bonaparte’s vocals are laced with a melancholy, which intensifies the already vulnerable lyrics.

Koko Blue manages to create a full sound that fills the entire listening space with a sense of loss and rediscovery, perhaps reflecting Bonaparte’s emotional states during her own journey of loss and rediscovery. Bonaparte has had her shares of ups and downs, after attending Harvard University on a hockey scholarship, she receive her 10th concussion which took her out of the game professionally. Her recovery brought her back to her home town of Guelph, where she and Evan Gordon would write the songs that eventually turned into Crosses and Planks.

The most refreshing part of the album has to be the minimalist production. To capture the heart of each song, Koko and Evan recorded everything straight through. The simplicity of the vocals and guitar allows the listener to understand the message Koko Blue is trying to convey. This simple style also acts a s a homage to Will Oldham and Lou Reed the duo’s musical muses.

Check out more from Koko Bonaparte at, where you can also find 13 videos to accompany each one of the tracks on Crosses and Planks.