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Show Review: Destruction Unit, The Notes, thisquietarmy @ Turbo Haus 9/9/13

Henry and I were amongst the  roughly 80 people that got their asses off the couch/chair on a monday night to go check out Austin’s Destruction Unit. We weren’t expecting a third band so it was a nice surprise to find thisquietarmy warming the place up. Being a one-man band doesn’t afford much visually as far as performance goes, but trance-inducing volume kinda makes up for it with this outfit. Musically it’s as good as any of his recordings I’ve heard but with more rhythm and always walls of guitar. Metal drone trance!?

TQA is followed by the Nodes who are total psycho, energetic hardcore punk with a major noisy/chaotic slant. Not entirely unlike Homostupids. Thought I recognized one of the Marshstepper guys in their line up but I may be mistaken. Drummer wears nothing but a speedo and porno shades, bassist is shirtless with some hard to read shit scrawled in Sharpie on his torso and the singer’s got his whole head & face bandaged only leaving holes for his eyes & mouth. And they kinda go apeshit. Now that’s entertainment!

We finally come to the main course: Destruction Unit! They’re an acid freakout psych band from Austin, Texas home of the 13th Floor Elevator, Red Crayola, Butthole Surfers and the likes. The freakout tradition goes back almost 50 years in this city and it’s deeply instilled in DU. They also have this slight Bauhaus “bat cave” feel to their music coupled with infectious tunes, massive amounts of flanger, vibrato and feedback and great baritone goth style croon ala Peter Murphy. They played songs exclusively from “Deep Trip” their amazing new LP out on Sacred Bones, and closed the set with a 15 minutes guitar freakout. Too short at roughly 45 minutes long but awesome nonetheless! Easily best concert of the month with all the rockin out and trippy decibels emanating from the stage. Although there is still Metz playing on the 29th…!?

– Wag, host of Skewing the Waves & all-around CKUT noise lover
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