Pre-Passovah: Special Noise

Montreal blown-out rockpiece Special Noise are not funny.  Good tunes though.

-what is your name?

Jef Simmons and Greg Napier

-what is the story behind your name?

i’m pretty sure our dad took advantage of the time after we were born
and before our mom was really lucid again to pick it.  we’re named
after a rock star.


Smellifax, NS


dronesclub, QC

-Latest recording / release?

SNOOP LION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-describe the vibe / feel of the recording in 5 words:

B - B - B - BIG AIR!!!

-what have you been listening to lately?

the radio

-what’s your craziest / most memorable / fav tour story?

we were camped out in a friends back yard one night, we rolled into
vancouver late. his downstairs neighbor didn’t know we’d be there, so
at like 4 am we just heard this guy yelling outside of our tent
“IDENTIFY YOURSELF” over and over again. he had a baseball bat. his
nickname is the manhandler, but he’s a sweet dude.

I almost killed Jef at this outdoor/camping music fest called evolve.
We were partying late into the night (tailgate style) in the field
behind the stage.  Jef was sitting on the hood of this car that was
parked next to our van. the car was covered in the morning dew and was
a little slippy. I realized he could easily slide onto the top of the
car so I pushed him up the windshield to the roof of the car but it
was even more slippery than expected and he shot right over the top
down the back and launched off the spoiler on the trunk.  This sucked
especially because that car was parked at the top of a hill.  He
seriously flew like 30 feet and then rolled 50 more.  I ran into the
tall grass to find him.  Then 2 people got out of the car and said
“hey can you guys please stop playing on our car, we’re trying to

-what’s your pre-show routine?

Body Shots!!!!!!!

… and post show?

victory dance

-what did you do last wednesday?

We were in Nova Scotia for Jef’s wedding, and went to our friend Mike
Wrights cabin on this little island (covey island) off the south shore
hanging out in the sauna with 15 other friends and jumping in the
atlantic ocean. oh and then naked dance party fueled by the folks
liquor cabinet.

-who would you love to share a bill with?

bill murray

-dream collaborator (living or dead)

John Lurie & Brian Eno

-most crucial equipement for music making?

hearts and brains (preferably when oozing)

-what do you love most about montreal?

Chilling out on a nice summer day at the Quarry with our dog Billy
(bob thornton) and a couple floaties and brews.  Montreal is pretty
easy island livin, but its leaving that keeps me comin back.

-any up coming shows?

and AUGUST 10TH short set all new material WITH BICK FEST (noah
shows to goes
goes to shows

“we try and play to a tradition, music is not a fad and music aint a
style, and it ain’t none of that stuff that it has to serve, music
aint theatre  you can make music do lots of things, cuz music don’t

Special Noise play Passovah Fest 1am Saturday night at Il Motore.

Passovah starts tonight 8pm at Il Motore.