Pre-Passovah: Slight

In the weeks gearing up to Passovah Summer Fest 2013, we’ll be posting Q&A’s from festival performers.  The local promotion/production outfit has some really A+ programming this year.  Check out the full line-up on their site here.


Second Q&A: Slight

What is your name?

What's the story behind your name?
slight (adj.)
early 14c., "flat, smooth; hairless," from a Scandinavian source akin to
Old Norse slettr "smooth, sleek," from Proto-Germanic *slikhtaz (cf. Old
Saxon slicht; Low German slicht "smooth, plain common;" Old English -sliht
"level," attested in eorðslihtes "level with the ground;" Old Frisian
sliucht, Middle Dutch sleht, Old High German sleht, Gothic slaihts
"smooth"), probably from a collateral form of PIE root *sleig- "to smooth,

Hamilton, Kingston, Toronto, Rockland Maine


Lastest recording/release:
"Melodion" (

Describe the vibe/feel of the recording in five words:
Everything modulating, all the time!

What have you been listening to lately?
Sonic Youth's soundtrack to "Simon Werner a disparu", Boredoms Super Roots
6, 7 & 8, Burt Bacharach classics, The Beach Boys' "Holland" and "Today",
Talk Talk's "Spirit of Eden," dark minimal techno.

Favourite show you've played on tour?
Haven't been on tour yet, but sharing the stage with Delicate Steve was a
standout. That guy is so fucking delicate.

What's your pre-show routine?
Frantic on-stage open heart combo organ surgery, all too often.

...and post-show?
Communal airing of grievances from our individual set experiences followed
hopefully by cathartic full-on psytrance prop dancing!

What did you do last Wednesday?
Lots of coffee, experimented with third-bridge guitar techniques, enjoyed
Stefan Christoff and Sam Shalabi's set.

Who would you love to share a bill with?

Dream collaborator (living or dead)?
Trish Keenan god rest her soul.

Most crucial equipment for music-making?
Italian 1967 Elka Panther 300 transistor combo organ. A beast among

What do you love most about Montreal?
Enjoy music, enjoy time!

Any up-coming shows?
Passovah Festival, August 10th at Il Motore!


Slight plays 9pm Saturday, August 10th at Il motore.