Decolonizing the Airwaves: July 1st, 7am – 7pm

On July 1st, from 7am until 7pm, CKUT will be pre-empting our regular programming to air a special 12-hour marathon focusing on the legacy of Residential Schools in Canada and decolonization. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

CKUT is teaming up with the stations from across the country to host twelve hours of decolonization content this Canada day.

Featured on the broadcast will be documentaries made by Aboriginal producers from across the country talking about Truth and Reconciliation from many different angles. You’ll hear Irkar Beljaars, from CKUT’s Native Solidarity News, covering the Truth and Reconciliation event that happened here in Montreal, documenting the stories and hopes of survivors of Residential Schools. You’ll also hear Nina Segalowitz and Joey Shaw from CKUT who produced a documentary talking to three Aboriginal artists about how Residential School experiences in their families have influenced them and their art.

Tune into CKUT from 7am to 7pm in Montreal or other participating radio stations: CITR, Vancouver, CO-OP Radio, Downtown Eastside, CKUT, Montreal, CJSF, Burnaby, CFRU Guelph.

This is a project of the National Campus Community Radio Association & the Native Caucus.