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Maica Mia

Maica Mia // Underground Sounds

Maica Mia







Must-hear Montreal music is on the dial tonight, and it’s looking like June is starting off with a wicked week of local shows and album releases. We’ll be hearing from Maica Mia expound on Suoni Per Il Popolo festival, giving away a pair of tickets to her upcoming show, and spinning new songs by BRAIDS, Cadence Weapon, and Tonstartssbandht. Mhmm.

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Andy Boay

Andy Boay Live on New Shit 6/4 2013

Andy Boay
Ticket giveaways! MUTEK reviews! Suoni Per Il Popolo! An interview with Lisa Gamble! Andy Boay performing live! A lot happened on the show today, and you’d be remiss if you didn’t check the archives to hear it.

Keep your ears to the grid this week as we give away tickets to Suoni Per Il Popolo 2013 on a bunch of shows. Some of our picks for the week are to be found below.

Shows This Week

UBT + Tonstartssbandht + The Knows + The Ketamines @ Sala Rossa 6/4
Grouper @ Sala Rossa 6/5
MV&EE @ Casa Del Popolo 6/7

New Shit Playlist 6/3

Nils Frahm – For – For EP
Nosaj Thing – Eclipse/Blue – Home
Jon Hopkins – Immunity – Immunity
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Nils Frahm @ MUTEK A/Vision 5

Nils Frahm + Pantha Du Prince @ MUTEK 6/2

Nils Frahm @ MUTEK A/Vision 5

Nils Frahm @ MUTEK A/Vision 5

Everyone enters the concert hall and immediately takes a panorama shot of the space. It is pretty spectacular. Subtly strobing lights trace across the very spaceship-like interior of the Maison Symphonique. A gargantuan pipe organ peeks out from behind the stage, which, with its pianos, marimbas, and chimes, looks to be the very antithesis to MUTEK. Nils Frahm enters to a low drone and proceeds to play his third (!) set of the weekend. He genuflects after the first song and humbly explains that he wasn’t quite sure what to do after his previous two sets. The crowd cheers him on. “Do whatever!” An hour later, after delicate piano suites, bombastic synth chargers, propulsive and rhythmic playing on–and in–a grand piano, Nils Frahm receives a standing ovation. The most poignant set of the weekend, by far.

Pantha Du Prince

Pantha Du Prince @ MUTEK A/Vision 5

Though charged with headlining duties, Pantha Du Prince and The Bell Laboratory had a tough act to follow. Taking full advantage of the number of performers and the size of their instruments, the sextet spent much of their time bringing the audience into a head-space of swirling bells. Rolling chime patterns played by austere men in gray aprons carries a certain monastic quality to it, but by the time Pantha Du Prince got behind his computer setup, the show launched full force into a cross between minimalist composition and minimal techno. Think big. Two marimba players doubling a pattern of bright stabs, augmented by percussion of all sorts, bowed, tapped, and resonating. Add a huge, but tasteful, kick drum. It felt theatrical and beautiful to see such rich soundscapes play out over Pantha Du Prince’s restrained electronic grooves. Then there was the part where the audience literally lept to its feet for the finale. “I know this sounds nerdy to say, but I think concert halls do better with a bit of dancing,” mused one concert-goer as we left the huge space. Agreed.