Daily Archives: May 28, 2013

Tune into today’s Montreal Sessions for interviews and more!

We are only a few days away from being 5/12 through the year 2013! (I wish that fraction reduced to something cooler, but it doesn’t.) With May coming to an end, unfortunately we have this month’s last installment of the band Dead Messenger as the hosts of The Montreal Sessions. Tune in today from 15-17h00 to hear their last two hours of music, madness and interviews!

Rumour has it that Dead Messenger is going to have two mega-special guests on the air with them this afternoon. First, they’re going to have an interview with David Groover from local band the In and Outs and their new album Zero Gravity. The band’s bandcamp tags are “rock,” “best,” “montréal,” “music,” “roll,” and “sexy.” How could you miss this?!

The In and Outs are in, obviously.

But wait, there’s more! Dead Messenger will then bring local choreographer Helen Simard into the the studio to talk about dance (presumably) as well as some collaborative projects coming up later in the year. I hear there are talks of a super special collab for this year’s Piss In the Pool Showcase…

As always, Dead Messenger will bring you two full hours of awesome music from cool new bands, local and beyond. Make sure to turn on your radios at today at 3pm to hear them rock the airwaves on The Montreal Sessions one last time!

Your host for May’s Montreal Sessions, Dead Messenger

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