jon hopkins

Jon Hopkins Interview on New Shit 5/20

jon hopkins
No, not the university–even cooler! We aired an interview with British electronic producer Jon Hopkins on the show today in anticipation of his new album Immunity (out June 3rd) and his upcoming tour which will hit MUTEK on the 31st.

We also played everything under the sun, from soul trap to noise jazz to synth jams, all of which can be found on the playlist below. Tune in next week from 3-5pm on Monday for more new music!

New Shit Playlist

Black Host – Test-Sunday – Life in the Sugar Candle Mines
Hashem Assadullahi – User Error – Pieces
Bitter Fictions – Desert Rider – s/t
Unblonde – Contempt – s/t
Chrissy Zebby Tembo – Coffin Maker – My Ancestors
Chance The Rapper – Pusha Man – Acid Rap
Tree – No Faces (feat. Danny Brown) – Sunday School 2
Thundercat – Oh Sheit It’s X – Apocalypse
Quasimoto – Planned Attack – Yessir, Whatever
Even Black – Weed – CITR Pop Alliance Vol 3
UBT – Give Me Amnesia – Takes Money To Drink Money
No Joy – E – Wait To Pleasure
Josh Abrams – Untitled – Represencing
Membrana – Easter Island – Calico/Easter Island
Gretchen – Airfield – s/t
Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal – Immunity
Koreless – Ivana – Yugen
Mount Kimbie – Fall Out – Cold Spring Fault Less Youth
Interview with Jon Hopkins
Fluorescent Grey – Are You Pregnant Fly? Or You Have Died? – Ambinete