public transit

Public Transit Live on New Shit 5/13

public transit
Lots of weirdness in the studio today as we segued metal into noise into musique concrete into dance into a killer set from Montreal’s raucous and irresistible Public Transit (who are playing a show at Casa on Tuesday alongside avant garde stalwarts AJ Cornell and Enfant Magique)

Check it on the archives and peep the playlist below!

New Shit Playlist 5/13

Blue Cranes – Beautiful Winners – Swim
Protomartyr – French Poet – Sub Pop 1000
Richard Pinhas – North – Desolation Row
Six Heads – Smaller, Larger, Lighter – Cardboard Oracle (Incantation Of The Naugahyde Witch)
Sao Paulo Underground – Ol’ Dirty Hummingbird – Beija Flors Velho E Sujo
The Burning Hell – Grown-Ups – People
Shawn Mrazek Lives! – Man In the Glass – Thought He Was Dead
Tonstartssbandht – Alright – Russian Tour Tape 2013
S.O.S – Looking For The Next One – Looking For The Next One
James Holden – Renata – The Inheritors
James Holden – Renata (Daphni Remix)

Jaw Jam – The End (Music Is The Answer) – The Truth
S.O.S – Country Dance – Looking for the Next One
Richard Pinhas – Square – Desolation Row
AJ Cornell – Radio in the Radio on the Radio vs PUBLIC TRANSIT