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This Week’s Montreal Sessions


Tune in today 3-5PM! Malcolm Fraser, this month’s host of the Montreal Sessions, will feature a discussion with Wyrd Canada contributors on their recent grant aquisition. This is very exciting news for Canada’s  underground music scene as it will undoubtedly provide more accessibility, dissemination, and support for Canadian artists!

porn persons

Interview w/ Porn Persons + Expwy on New Shit 4/8

porn persons

We had a wild time interviewing Rodna Howard and her legal scientist from the band Porn Persons. Look out for a transcription wherein we discuss the legal ramifications of a falling ton of bricks vs. the feather of an illegal pelican. Plus, we interviewed the 50s prog, bubblegum pop, AM-radio-Tommy-aspiring, (often) one man band, Expressway. Both bands will be playing our Total Eclipse Festival Series. Check our playlist below, plus a fan-made video for Expwy, and take a listen to the show over at the archives!

New Shit Playlist 4/8

Borbetomagus – Pink Pants – Zurich
Nick Kuepfer – Ladybugs on Window, Spraypaint on Deer Carcass – CKUT: Total Eclipse 2013
Bombino – Amidinine – Nomad
Bassekou Kouyate + Ngoni Ba – Kensogni – Jama Ko
Porn Persons – Burning in My Brain – CKUT: Total Eclipse 2013
Expwy – Foppish Gallant + Scarecrow Thin – CKUT: Total Eclipse 2013
Mouthbreathers – Standards – Stone Song
Isengrind – The Snowbringer Cult – Resurrect Dead on Planet Six
Expwy – I lost a million narrow steps to a hard-luck cockeye
Expwy – Split a hair above the summer sky
Dam Ships – Find A Place, Anywhere
Grupo Skip Jensen – Building Down – CKUT: Total Eclipse 2013


Slight (Vostok 1) + Jonah Nepon tribute // Underground Sounds


Some ebb, plenty of flow on the FM waves çe soir…20-22h dishing out deets on CKUT’s TOTAL ECLIPSE concert series. Also worth mentioning: Slight (previously Vostok 1) is in studio avec le new tunes, and we pay tribute to beloved music promoter/musician Jonah Nepon (Ghost Town Manitoba), including recordings from the 04/06/2013 memorial show hosted by Pop Montreal, featuring locals not limited to but including Sin & the Swoon (pictured), Asthma Camp, and Adam and the Amethysts.

The Sin & the Swoon

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suspiria uk 1 stampa

From the Vault: Goblin – Suspiria (1977)

suspiria uk 1 stampa

Original soundtrack of the psychedelic italian horror film released in 1977!! “Suspiria” is a must-see cult classic for those of you with eyes. It is full of intense, otherworldly visuals that will strike a fear deep in your heart. Goblin, referred to as ‘The Goblins’ in the film’s opening credits, composed the score in collaboration with director Dario Argento. The music itself is a blend of heavy, late 70’s prog and hallucinatory noise. Sometimes melodic, sometimes disorienting, the sounds herein are best listened to late at night, preferably not alone. If you dig this Goblin also made a soundtrack to Argento’s “Deep Red” with similar vibes. Find yourself a copy and freak out!




Next Week’s New Shit



We have a STACKED show for Monday leading up to our Total Eclipse concert series next weekend! EXPWY played a killer set this past weekend at Brasserie Beaubien, they’ll be in for an acoustic set and interview. Montreal garage rocker Skip Jensen will also be performing and answering a few questions. Last but not least Rodna Howard, band manager for Porn Persons, will be making an appearance. These three groups comprise the line-up at La Brique for Saturday’s Total Eclipse show, make sure you tune in!

As always, we’re live from 3 – 5 pm here in Montréal at 90.3 FM or at CKUT.CA!

Click here for more info!




Total Eclipse 2013 final poster

CKUT’s music department is proud to present its third annual Total Eclipse
Concert Series! Each night April 11-13, one of our esteemed radio shows
will curate an evening of local music for your listening pleasure. Mark
your calendars and get tickets while you still can. Here’s the lowdown:

Thursday April 11 – Free Kick bends your mind like Beckham with a night of
contemporary experimentalism and head-spinning psychedelia.
~~~Ylang Ylang, Artsychix, Pyongyang @ Barfly~~~

Friday April 12 – Passovah, The Plant, and New Shit co-present a
much-anticipated EP release from Slight (formerly Vostok 1). Kaleidoscopic
sounds abound, expect the unexpected.
~~~Slight, Sea Oleena, Nick Kuepfer, DJ Noah Bick @ The Plant~~~

Saturday April 13 – Wrapping up the series, Beyond the Horizon & Rock N’
Roll Time Machine co-present an evening of raucous RNR to tickle your ear
~~~Grupo Skip Jensen, Porn Persons, EXPWY, Big Chocolate Flavour @ La Brique~~~

7$ at the door, 15$ for all three nights! Passes available at CKUT.

Check out the Facebook Event!

For more info, check out or contact the CKUT music department: or 514-448-4041 x 0842.

the this many boyfriends club

The This Many Boyfriends Club live at RVC

Hey Again,
A couple weeks back we teamed up once again with the ever-fabulous TVM to film another McGill-related act in another McGill-related place. This time, the band were The This Many Boyfriends Club, and the spot was the Royal Victoria College residence cafeteria.

They brought some friends along, there is more than a little dancing going on.

If you dig the vibes, you might wanna check out the band’s upcoming show at Il Motore on April 19th!

Photos from the shoot, and hints at what might come next after the Jump!

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total eclipse concert series


total eclipse concert series

Hey friends,

Back in action after a long weekend spent prepping for spring: I planted a whole bunch of vegetable seeds and tuned up my bike and then BAM — mother nature pulled a fast one and hit us with some ugly sub-zero temperatures. C’est la vie, Montreal. Here in the music department we are busy working on our upcoming Total Eclipse Concert Series, which will go down next weekend with three nights of jams all over the city curated by some of our superstar programmers. Trust us, these parties are not to be missed. Stay tuned for the full lowdown in next week’s charts, and in the meantime get a sneak peek of what’s in store:

till next week,

ckut top 30 – april 2, 2013
aidan baker – already drowning – gizeh CC
wake island – it takes time to be uncomfortable – self-released CC
un – un – self-released CC
suuns – images du futur – secret city CC
v/a – citr pop alliance volume 3 – citr/mint CC
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April’s Montreal Sessions: The World Provider + a sneak peek of today’s show

THE WORLD PROVIDER, taking over the airwaves from 3-5pm every Tuesday in April.

It’s that time again – we’re excited to announce a new curator for The Montreal Sessions. April’s edition of the program will be curated by local man-about-town Malcolm Fraser, aka The World Provider! Fraser describes The World Provider as his “superheroic alter ego and main music project, combining catchy tunes, strange sonics and over-the-top theatrical performance since 1999.” Exciting, non?

Today’s show will feature Beaver Shepherd, local musician/artist/chef/madman, performing with his new “lo-fi house” project, Secretsecret Girl. Tune in to catch it live from 3-5pm this afternoon on your radio dial or streaming at