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Young Galaxy

Young Galaxy + Valleys + Cyrus // Underground Sounds

Young Galaxy

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Another Monday, and another two hours of local independent music on CKUT. Tonight, Underground Sounds host Nick Schofield premieres a new track by beat-maker/sax-man Cyrus and airs interviews with Young Galaxy and Valleys. Fresh tracks from Braids, Bataille Solaire, and Austra. Live on air as of 20h, archives c’est ici.

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Colin Stetson New History Warfare Vol 3

Colin Stetson Appreciation on New Shit 4/29

Colin Stetson New History Warfare Vol 3

Warm weather and a certain upcoming show had us buzzing at the station today. To be more clear, Colin Stetson is playing this Saturday at Sala Rossa and it was 20 degrees today. Not bad.

New Shit Playlist 4/29

Chrissy Zebby Tembo – My Ancestors – My Ancestors
California X – Sucker – California X
Implodes – Sleepyheads – Cyclops Reap
Foxygen – No Destruction – We Are The 21st Century
Tera Melos – Frozen Zoo – Patagonian Rats
Gulfer – Shoreline – Transcendals
Notta Comet – Jawbreaker (Data Viz) – Alliums
Cold Warps – Don’t Haunt Me Okay
Four Tet – Pyramid (Atoms for Peace Remix)
Braids – Amends
Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal – Immunity
Zs – Part 1 – Grain
Colin Stetson – Among the Sef – New History Warfares Vol 3
Saltland – Hearts Mend – I Thought It Was Us But It Was All Of Us
Bad News From Houston – Make It Fall – In The Valley of the Cloudbuilder
Chance The Rapper – NaNa – Acid Rap
Quasimoto – Planned Attack – Yessir, Whatever
MF DOOM – Bookfiend
Pusha T – Numbers on the Boards
Pink Noise – North Star

Shows This Week

Tera Melos + Gulfer @ Il Motore 4/29
Pink Noise @ CoolFest 5/3
Colin Stetson + Saltland @ Sala Rossa 5/4