the this many boyfriends club

The This Many Boyfriends Club live at RVC

Hey Again,
A couple weeks back we teamed up once again with the ever-fabulous TVM to film another McGill-related act in another McGill-related place. This time, the band were The This Many Boyfriends Club, and the spot was the Royal Victoria College residence cafeteria.

They brought some friends along, there is more than a little dancing going on.

If you dig the vibes, you might wanna check out the band’s upcoming show at Il Motore on April 19th!

Photos from the shoot, and hints at what might come next after the Jump!

the this many boyfriends club

This weekend, we’ve got two more shoots coming up, and they’re sure to be rather exciting.

Our lens is getting wider, and we’ll be taking on bands from both the broader MontrĂ©al music community, and maybe even bringing a touring act into the mix.

Also: at least one of the artists to be featured in the next week will be performing as part of our TOTAL ECLIPSE MUSIC SERIES!

Aww yeah!

Stay tuned.