Mardi Spaghetti

Mardi Spaghetti Marathon CKUT Remote

Mardi Spaghetti

Hey! Everybody’s a fan of improvised music, yeah?

Say, for example, Ellwood Epps (who we interviewed on this very blog) or Malcom Goldstein (who sometimes plays live on CKUT). Now add on about fifteen more extremely talented performers and you’ve got a marathon of improvised music hosted and curated by the Tuesday Montreal institution, Mardi Spaghetti.

Since we’re such fans of these sorts of sounds, we’re gonna be there from 12-2pm today doing a remote broadcast from this very special event.

Check the lineup after the jump and on Mardi Spaghetti’s site and tune into CKUT from 12-2pm to help celebrate this wonderful improvisational happening’s 5th year of existence!

12h: Brahja Waldman : saxophone alto/ Kai Basanta : batterie / John Heward : batterie

13h: Rainer Weins : guitare / Jean René : alto

14h: Scott Thomson : trombone / Ida Toninato : saxophone baryton

15h: Aaron Lumley : contrebasse / Nigel Taylor : trompette / Jamie Thompson : batterie

16h: Malcolm Goldstein : violon / Rainer Weins : guitare /Émilie Girard-Charest : violoncelle

17h: Olivier Maranda : percussion / Pierre Alexandre Maranda : contrebasse / Ida Toninato : saxophone baryton, Pierre Labbé : saxophone ténor, flûte / Jacques Gravel : trombone basse

18h: Josh Zubot : violon / Jason Sharp : saxophone baryton

19h: Géraldine Eguiluz : voix / James Annett : alto / Esther Bourdages : table tournante

20h: Amir Amiri : santur

21h: Ellwood Epps : trompette / Nic Caloia : contrebasse / Ivan Bamford : batterie

22h: Pierre-Yves Martel : feedback, objets / Philippe Lauzier : clarinette basse, saxophones / Isaiah Ceccarelli : percussion

23h: Nicolas Caloia : contrebasse / Yves Charuest : saxophone alto