Jerusalem in my Heart

Jerusalem in my Heart TODAY on the Montreal Sessions – CKUT Music

Jerusalem in my Heart


Tonight on CKUT for Constellation Records‘ edition of The Montreal Sessions we have a very special performance by the three/thirty piece art and film and music project known as Jerusalem in my Heart!

Comprised of the Lebanese producer/singer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, the French musician Jérémie Regnier, and the Chilean visual artist and filmmaker Marlena Szlam Salazar, JIMH incorporate traditional Arabic melisma with contemporary electronic production to produce a uniquely modern Arabic experimental music.

They only play shows once or twice a year and are rarely together on the same continent, so it goes without saying: DO NOT MISS THIS.

Tune in to 90.3fm or or check the archives after The Montreal Sessions airs (Tuesdays 3-5pm!)

2 thoughts on “Jerusalem in my Heart TODAY on the Montreal Sessions – CKUT Music

  1. Dorian

    I am really really excited for this one, I’ll be tuning in from the bus on my way to Toronto!

    Thank goodness for online streaming radio!

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