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This Week’s Concerts (January 11 – 18)

This week, quotes!!

“Contrariwise,’ continued Tweedledee, ‘if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.”

– Lewis Carroll

“Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.”

– Steven Fry

“The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. No big laboratory is needed in which to think. Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind. Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born. That is why many of the earthly miracles have had their genesis in humble surroundings.”

– Nikola Tesla

“He was alone. He was unheeded, happy, and near to the wild heart of life. He was alone and young and wilful and wildhearted, alone amid a waste of wild air and brackish waters and the seaharvest of shells and tangle and veiled grey sunlight.”

– James Joyce

“The one thing I remember about Christmas was that my father used to take me out in a boat about ten miles offshore on Christmas Day, and I used to have to swim back. Extraordinary. It was a ritual.
Mind you, that wasn’t the hard part. The difficult bit was getting out of the sack.”

John Cleese

“The whales do not sing because they have an answer, they sing because they have a song.”

– Gregory Colbert

“Escóndeme en tus brazos
por esta noche sola,
mientras la lluvia rompe
contra el mar y la tierra
su boca innumerable.”

– Pablo Neruda


Bonne fin de semaine!


A piece by WAXHEAD, one of the artists who will be displaying work next Friday

Art’s Birthday!

Do you guys like art!?

We do!

A piece by WAXHEAD, one of the artists who will be displaying work next Friday

We like it so much that we’re having a birthday party for it, with a completely arbitrary date!



73 Beaubien East

5$ for ART at 5pm/7$ for MUSIC at 9pm

We even got bands like:
Cinema L’Amour,

and a few more to come celebrate with us.

Not to mention the visual, sound and performance art curated by Cam Novak and the other-worldly handmade sound-making and spoken word performance by the CKUT Circuit Workshop and Katalyst 5.

Oh, and a rumored makeout booth.


Check the Facebook event,

The list of artists displaying work,

and the post over on the main site for more info.

(you can also tweet about it with the hashtag #artsbday)


Homelessness Marathon 2013

Poster by Jesse Orr

The eleventh annual Homelessness Marathon will once again serve up 14 hours of people-powered radio, broadcasting this year from multiple cities across Canada. With the goal of being a consciousness-raising event, the Marathon will provide an opportunity for homeless people and their allies to take to the airwaves, and allow a nationwide discussion on homelessness issues and possible solutions.

This year’s Homelessness Marathon will broadcast live from the streets of Montreal, and several other locations across Canada, on Wednesday, February 20th, starting at sunset and running all night long until sunrise on Thursday, February 21st.




514-448-4041 ext. 6788





Hello friends,

Hope everyone had a good holiday season! Mine was spent visiting family in rural BC, nestled in between Osoyoos Lake and Anarchist Mountain (f’real, look it up). Getting out of the city for a bit was really nice — adjusting to the pace of a small agricultural town was definitely a change, and brought some much-needed relaxation with it.
After hopping a plane back to the east, I rang in the new year with Nu Sensae, Ultrathin, Dead Wife, and lots of other rad punks here in Montreal. 2013 started off with a bang, and we’re back in full force now with lots of new ideas & projects for the new year at CKUT∑ stay tuned, it’s gonna be a good one.

Loud charts return next week!




ELEMENTS x January Montreal Sessions

We need elements to survive. EARTH, WIND, FIRE, WATER.

To be existent, one cannot live without the other.

That unwritten rule goes for Hip Hop.

starting with EMCEEING(Earth/foundation) as its main component. We need DJs to run the tracks.

DANCERS to add fire. and Graffiti as the breeze of color.


This month’s edition of the Montreal Sessions investigates the four elements of hip hop. (DJ’ing, MC’ing, Dance & Graffiti) and is hosted by the extremely passionate and knowledgable Ms. Benn, formerly of Tru-Kings. She’ll be bringing along a crew of Montreal hip hop artists to evaluate the local scene as well as discuss what it is, what it was, and where it’s going.

In her words:

“We all need to know whats going on in our backyard.

Who knew that Montreal had its own Hip Hop awards? Or that one of our own Hip Hop artists made it on BETs 106th & Park?

Do you know about BAM? Underpressure? Or that in 2012 Montreal hosted its first HipHopfest?

I want to share what is happening to the scene out here for most that do not know.

Get connected!!!”

Tune in every Tuesday in January from 3-5pm on to hear more!



CKUT’s Top World Music Picks for 2012

World Skip the Beat host Parker Mah runs down a selection of his (personal) top 10 world albums of 2012. “World albums” is defined as a very broad category that includes traditional / contemporary, folk / urban, original / remixed music from different countries and global cultures, or music that is influenced by such cultures. The list includes not only original albums released in 2012 but also compilations released in 2012, overruling the year in which the music in the compilation was originally released.

Albums were selected based on originality, production value, consistency, and overall booty-shakingness.

Top 10 albums:

10. Alaa Wardi (Jordan / Saudi Arabia) – Alaa Wardi EP (A Cappella)

Sample song: Shalamonti Fel7al

Alaa Wardi’s driving voice and compound-eye videos are a treat. Vocal overdubbing like this is nothing new, but he does it well, and in arabic, and with an energy and range reminiscent of Cuban group Vocal Sampling.

9. Mala (UK) – Mala in Cuba (Brownswood)

Sample song: The Tunnel

Not just electronic beats over latin songs or canned bongo sounds. Mala goes a lot further, exploring the collective unconcsious of cuban music. I liked it better than Maayan Nidam’s Nightlong (2009), a possible precursor.

8. The Funkees (Nigeria) – Dancing Time: The Best of Eastern Nigeria’s Afro Rock Exponents 1973-77 (Soundway)

Sample song: Ole

All of their Nigerian 45s assembled in one album. Harry Mosco Agada (and Miles Cleret) can do no wrong.

7. VA – Sofrito International Soundclash (Strut)

Sample Song: Mas Ka Kle – Lese Yo Pale

DJ compilers Hugo Mendez & Frankie Francis turn out another gem from dusty crates of Caribbean and central African rarities. Fe’m Confiance by the Difficiles de Pétion-ville is a dancefloor killer.

6. Bocafloja (Mexico) – Patologías del Invisible Incómodo(

Sample Song: Caleidoscopio

Talented spoken word artist, poet and rapper Bocafloja has been a very busy man this year, with a pile of collaborations and a full-length album to his credit. Excellent production and two standout tracks with fellow Quilomboartist Hache ST and Gabriel Teodros (ex-Abyssinian Creole), profiled earlier this year on WSTB.

5. Lucas Santtana (Brazil) – O Deus que devasta mas também cura/The god who devastates also cures (Mais Um Discos)

Sample Song: O Deus que devasta mas também cura

His stellar show at Grüner Salon in Berlin this fall sealed it. An album for all occasions, with the mellower songs just as strong and catchy as the uptempo ones.

4. Ondatrópica (Colombia) – Ondatrópica (Soundway)

Sample Song: Tiene sabor, tiene sazon

Will Holland and Mario Galeano pull off Buena Vista Social Club, colombian version. Michi Sarmiento, Fruko, Pedro “Ramaya” Beltrán, Alfredito Linares, Wilson Viveros, Markkitos Micolta, Anibal Velasquez and others join forces in a Discos Fuentes time-warp, with Mario Rincón in the studio.

3. VA – Surinam! Boogie & Disco from the Surinamese Dance Floors ‘76 – ‘83 (Kindred Spirits)

Sample Song: Usje Sukatma – Waiting for your love

A surprise from South America, the first (and hopefully not the last) compilation of rare vinyl boogie & disco cuts from Surinam. Look for full album re-releases in the near future.

2. Barbara Moleko (Denmark) – Lykken Er (Disco: Wax)

Sample song: Gå en tur

Had to go to Copenhagen to discover this rising star, relatively unknown outside of her native country. Honeyed voice & fantastic soul-era mixdown gets me every time.

1. Batida (Portugal / Angola) – Batida (Soundway)

Sample song: Alegria

Hip-hop MCs & the copious use of original samples sets this album far above other kuduro / dance albums I’ve heard. Instant block party.

Honourable mentions: OQuadro – OQuadro (Coaxo do Sapo), El Buho – El Tecolote Canta (Antartek Records), VA – United States of Africa mixtape(mixed by EngongHitek), VA – Stolen from Africa Vol. 2


CKUT’s Top Electronic Releases of 2012

More in the way of year-end lists courtesy of Modular SystemsDJ Cyan:

Modular Systems’ Top (almost) 20 of the year:

andy stott – luxury problems – modern love
seekersinternational – the call from below – digitalis
legowelt – the paranormal soul – clone jack for daze
terrence dixon – from the far future pt. 2 – tresor
deadbeat – eight – blkrtz
d’eon – lp – hippos in tanks
robert hood – motor: nighttime world 3 – music man
four tet – pink – text records
darling farah – body – civil music
delta funktionen – traces – delsin
tazz – adventures of tazz – tsuba
skinnybones – ping pong ep – ski tracks
various – iron logic – ancient robot
atheus – das ende – eclipsemusic
keith fullerton whitman – generators – editions mego
various – parages 001 – 003 – parages
gunshae – the lost cascadian suite – panospria
various – akdleko – pertin-nce 041

CKUT’s Top Jazz Picks of 2012

Now that 2012 is in the books, we’re recounting some of our favourite and most-played releases from the past year. Here are our top jazz albums of the year, courtesy of Jazz Amuck‘s John B:

jazz amuck top 20 – 2012
wadada leo smith – ten freedom summers – cuneiform
tim berne – snakeoil – ecm
ratchet orchestra – hemlock – drip audio CC
henry threadgill zooid – tomorrow sunny / the revelry, spp – pi
françois houle 5 + 1 – genera – songlines CC
josh berman & his gang – there now – delmark
harris eisenstadt – canada day octet – 482 music CC
darius jones 4tet – book of mæ’ bul (another kind of sunrise) – aum fidelity
matthew shipp trio – elastic aspects – thirsty ear
sam rivers / dave holland / barry altschul – reunion – pi
fab trio – history of jazz in reverse – tum
the grass roots – grass roots – aum fidelity
tiresian symmetry – jason robinson – tiresian symmetry – cuneiform
josh abrams – represencing – eremite
mary halvorson 5tet – bending bridges – firehouse 12
vijay iyer trio – accelerando – act music
hafez modirzadeh – post-chromodal out! – pi
steve lacy – the sun – emanem
klang – brooklyn lines … chicago spaces – allos documents
the thirteenth assembly – station direct – important

top 10 canadian
ratchet orchestra – hemlock – drip audio CC
françois houle 5 + 1 – genera – songlines CC
harris eisenstadt – canada day octet – 482 music CC
david virelles – continuum – pi CC
harris eisenstadt canada day – canada day iii – songlines CC
benoit delbecq / françois houle – because she hoped – songlines CC
sam shalabi / alexandre st-onge / michel f. coté – jane and the magic bananas – & records CC
le quatuor de jazz libre du quebec -1973 – tenzier/cbc CC
peggy lee band – invitation – drip audio CC
lina allemano four – live at the tranzac- lumo CC

Check back for recaps of our favourite RPM, international, and loud records over the next few days!