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If you happened to tune into today’s broadcast of New Shit from 3 – 5 pm, you would have heard us discuss a laundry list of upcoming events in town. If you missed the show, get yr ears ready and head on over to the Archives!

Arts Birthday Poster

First up, on Wednesday January 16th Kurvi Tasch, Ought, and Oaxaca at L’esco. Local Rockers, bringing the Rock-noise. Check it on the Face-Thing!

Second:¬†Friday January 18th is Arts Birthday! Featuring a visual art vernissage currated by Cam Novak, the CKUT Circut Workshop, Pop Talk, Cinema L’amour, Loosestrife, and Ought. It’s all going down starting at 5 pm at Brasserie Beaubien, 70 Beaubien Est.

Third, the Elsethings Arts Festival: A Nation-wide “local” arts and music festival, coordinated by Cabin Songs in celebration of “Elsethings“, the brand new EP from halifax based post-folk rockers Nick Everett and Everybody. 15 shows, 15 cities, 70 artists, one night.

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Find out more, including the address of the Montreal event (featuring Erin Lang and Ingrid Gatin) online here!

Hope to see you out on the town this week//end!

-Team New Shit!