Daily Archives: January 8, 2013


ELEMENTS x January Montreal Sessions

We need elements to survive. EARTH, WIND, FIRE, WATER.

To be existent, one cannot live without the other.

That unwritten rule goes for Hip Hop.

starting with EMCEEING(Earth/foundation) as its main component. We need DJs to run the tracks.

DANCERS to add fire. and Graffiti as the breeze of color.


This month’s edition of the Montreal Sessions investigates the four elements of hip hop. (DJ’ing, MC’ing, Dance & Graffiti) and is hosted by the extremely passionate and knowledgable Ms. Benn, formerly of Tru-Kings. She’ll be bringing along a crew of Montreal hip hop artists to evaluate the local scene as well as discuss what it is, what it was, and where it’s going.

In her words:

“We all need to know whats going on in our backyard.

Who knew that Montreal had its own Hip Hop awards? Or that one of our own Hip Hop artists made it on BETs 106th & Park?

Do you know about BAM? Underpressure? Or that in 2012 Montreal hosted its first HipHopfest?

I want to share what is happening to the scene out here for most that do not know.

Get connected!!!”

Tune in every Tuesday in January from 3-5pm on ckut.ca to hear more!