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Tomorrow’s MTL Sessions

Tomorrow (11/27)


We’ve got the first ever live performance and interview with Debt, featuring 3/4’s of local (sadly defunct) rock outfit Wind-Up People. http://winduppeople.bandcamp.com/

Also: Lots of rad tunes, and perhaps an extra interview or two, who knows!?!

Either way, there will be good times, guaranteed!

Don’t miss out!

Still from the Video for Horsebladder's Pioneer

Horsebladder on the Free Music Archives

Still from the Video for Horsebladder’s Pioneer

Just uploaded Horsebladder‘s live set she did back in October to the Free Music Archives. Take a Listen to it and all of the other live sets and tracks that we’ve been adding to this treasure trove of creative commons licensed music archive that is hosted by our sister organization WFMU in Jersey City.