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Francesco De Gallo x IYGE

If you spend any time in Montreal’s avant-subterranean scene you’ll likely come across Francesco De Gallo. Perhaps you’ll meet him in his capacity as head honcho of Hobo Cult Records, a specialty tape label that consistently, ceaselessly gurgles out cassettes from an international roster of weirdo experimentalists. Maybe you’ll see Frank at one of his sideman gigs playing with the likes of Dirty Beaches, Velvet Chrome, the tragically short-lived Shaker Hymns, or whichever outfit has begged his services that week. It’s possible that you might recognize him as the mad genius behind Moduli TV.

If You’ve Got Ears is stoked to have Frank join us for an intimate in-studio performance by his solo synth sorcery project Hobo Cubes. This will of course be preceded or succeeded by some discussion of all things out-there and musical. Tune in!

And if ya missed it, you can always find it in the archives.


CKUT’s Total Eclipse of the Mix

Heads up: we’re having a party and you guys should all come.

Here’s the deal. We’re going to be relaunching the music blog (this blog!) on the 30th, and to commemorate the occasion, we thought we’d do what the music department does best: make awesome mixes to share with our friends/family/the world. But we didn’t want it to be just us doing the mixes, so we thought we’d inviteeveryone to make a mix and to bring it to the party to swap and share with all the other people who’ll be doing the same.

The deets:

Where? Espace Pop 5587 Avenue du Parc, H2V 4H2

When? November 30th at 7:30pm

Who? The CKUT muisc blog, plus you, your friends, and everyone you know

What (to bring) A mixtape in any format (cassette, CD, USB drive)
– creative artwork encouraged!
– any genre, any length


if you’re either a McGill student or a CKUT member, you can upload playlists onto our campus mixtapes website

Why (attend)? There will be mixtapes, live dj sets from CKUT programmers and a raffle for 2 pairs of Skullcandy headphones plus a record bag.

 AND MANY THANKS to our sponsors at McAuslan, Rubiks and Chez Boris!!

So start planning your mixes! We’ll be posting a few of our own too…