Dopethrone @ L’Absynthe

Dopethrone played in Montreal on October 20th

So you’ve got an exam on Friday evening. Another on Monday morning. Shut up, I know YOU didn’t, I did. Physics hard up. The two days that some call weekend, I call catching up time. Not with friends! With my papers. Except, this Saturday, Montreal had Dopethrone.

Dopethrone is a great band from Montreal that has come out with some great music in the past few years. They’re a leading force in the sludge industry that roll some tight …CDs, along other things. Their latest album, III, contains some of the heaviest doom riffs and stoner jams out there and was received very well by many critics, including yours truly. It was officially launched at the show Saturday, although digital sale was begun about a month back from Bandcamp.

When I reached L’absynthe, Teethmarks were just starting their set. Teethmarks is a hardcore band from Toronto that wasn’t afraid to get the show going. The vocalist got off the stage and into the crowd, something I always admire. After them was Collider, a sludge band from Ottawa. Despite having not heard much of them previously, I absolutely loved their music. It was heavy with reverb and the songs were tightly unique. They did a wonderful job and set the stage very well for the night’s headliners.

Dopethrone took hold of the room from the moment they began with a set that was tight, heavy and deep. The whole room was enveloped in smoke with the vocalist’s eyes staring at us from the band’s perch atop the stage. At the onset of every song, he morphed into an empowered Sadhu from the Hindu temples and turned human only at the end. Despite a few glitches, the bassist and drummer had killer rhythms and held things together enough to result in an amazing set. I’d know – my ears are still ringing.

Everyone had a blast: the bands were great, the people were great, and the guest vocals from Julie were terrific. Yes, the death-grind conditioned fan within me was longing for a moshpit — but for that, there is next week. Until then, live on with your ordinary lives, as I will with mine and if you dare, listen to Dopethrone at dopethrone.bandcamp.com.

– Bimo Chann