This Week’s Shows (November 8 – 15)

It’s Thursday night–where them shows at?

Apologies for missing last week, life swept me up in a busy kind of way, but I’m returning dutifully this week with the show listings y’all should check out.

PS: This new Four Tet remix is fire:


Swing over to the Casa/Sala part of town for The Darcy’s take on Steely Dan’s immaculately engineered album Aja or cross the street for a Howl Arts presentation of Kalmunity Vibe Collective.

Plus, Sinkane and Yeasayer perform sublime electronic music chez Cabaret Mile End.


Your mission is to support loud locals at a dive bar. Brasserie Beaubien is hosting some CKUT favs and fam for what promises to be a sweaty, shout-filled eve.


Dan Deacon

Too many good things:

1) The always exuberant Dan Deacon at SAT

2) Pop techno posterboy Matthew Dear playing Il Motore.

3) The joyous guitar music of Delicate Steve at Club Lambi

4) An extensive night of improvisational music at a historic chapel


Theme Room Nightclub at Casa? Sure, why not.


Hoax @ Death Church

DEATH CHURCH!!! (has a punk show with Hoax, Slobs, Pregnancy Scares, Hounds of Hate [great name] and Vanishing Point)


Mardi Spaghetti at Caigibi with:

Robin Servant (accordéon) / Hughes Olivier-Blouin (contrebasse) + Pierre-Yves Martel (objets) / Petr Cancura (saxophone) / Guido del Fabbro (violon) / Aaron Lumley (contrebasse)


M For Montreal begins and with it comes Odd Future offspring Mellowhype to Cabaret Mile End or the impossible-not-to-love Mozart’s Sister to Il Motore or the unbeatable noise rock of Yamantaka//Sonic Titan to Sala Rossa.


Go see everything!