This Week’s Shows (October 19 – 25)

Whoa, were you guys at Thursdays Alive last night? How cool were those bands!? And there’s still more ahead!

Definitely keep your eyes on the Phénoma festival happening all this week, which promises avant garde, challenging and fascinating performances from a wide array of artists both local and global.

And, as always, check out CKUT’s main listings page for more shows!



Hit up La Brique and bring Elaine Kahn’s literary drone pop project Horsebladder into your life.


Phénomena has a lot happening, so how about checking out some of the shows happening Saturday at Popolo and Sala Rossa?


Silent Land Time Machine

Austin, Texas’ superbly named freaks of folk and ambience Silent Land Time Machine will be doing their thing at Il Motore. Prepare for a serotonin rich head trip.



Punk legends OFF! are at Foufones Electriques!


Pantha Du Prince

Master of the pastoral electric, Pantha Du Prince will lay down a set of highly organic dance music at S.A.T.


How about the cold weather informed soundscapes of Montreal multi-instrumentalist Alex Hackett performing as Pang Attack? He’ll be doing his thing at Quai Des Brumes.

It’s a great week for shows, so get out there and have fun!