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This Week’s Shows (September 6-12)

(above: Huntsville on Monday @ La Elastica)


Hey people who like music!

I’m Gabriel and I’ll be writing a bunch for the blog in the months to come! Below I’ve got some picks for shows you should check out in the coming week.



Chilean electroacoustic composer Federico Shumacher kicks off the Conservatoire de musique’s Électrochoc series at la salle multimédia du CMM.


Montreal location-based sound artists Max Stein and Jen Reimer will be creating interactive musical spaces opening for Canadian drone composer Kyle Bobby Dunn at Casa Del Popolo. Excellent music to breathe to.


Founding Eric’s Trip member Julie Doiron’s new band, Julie Doiron & The Wrong Guys, will be playing with Toronto based Dearly Beloved and Montreal duo The Redmond Barry’s at Il Motore.


Go see John Cage’s text pieces and 4’33” performed by Malcom Goldstein and Robert Racine (respectively) at the bookstore Le Port de Tête!


Get yer post-industrial noise vibrations on (it’s easier than you might think) at La Elastica with La formule XYZ, who will be playing alongside the Norwegian yoga country (!) and sometimes Wilco collaborators, Huntsville.


Summer vibes, jazz horns, electronics and sonic depth mingle as Sao Paulo Underground plays Casa Del Popolo.


The man behind The Microphones, Phil Elvrum, will be playing as Mt. Eerie with Toronto folk musician Wyrd Visions and Montreal experimental guitarist thisquietarmy at Sala Rossa.