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Moon Duo will be playing at Casa Del Popolo this coming Wednesday

This Week’s Shows (September 27 – October 4)

Moon Duo will be playing at Casa Del Popolo this coming Wednesday

You guys have fun at Pop? Me too! And yet, another Thursday brings us another week of shows from which to choose. Here are a few picks to help you along the way.


How about getting your vintage soul and RnB on with The Key-Lites over at Casa? Stax and Motown covers abound as the four piece deliver on their promise to “keep the temperature hot and the grooves ferocious.”

And of course, there’s the show we’re doing over at Gert’s, which is guaranteed to make you boogie in a whole ‘nother way.


You could appease your Americana cravings with the earnest folk of Two Gallants and the well-crafted classic rock of Papa up at Il Motore, or you could swing way out into left-field with the electroacoustic composition night at the Conservatoire de musique.


Break your heels dancing to a potpourri of beats of aptly name DJs, The Goods at ye ole Sala Rossa. Moves will be busted.


During the day there’s a free 8-bit/chiptune show happening on Mont-Royal from 2-9pm!

Then, beyond the blunt smoke, likely gang signs and abundance of high fashion undoubtedly on display, there is one reason you should go to the A$AP Rocky, A$AP Mob and Schoolboy Q on Sunday. That reason is Danny Brown.

Danny Brown

It’s happening at Metropolis.


Feel good about your concert going habits by attending this show at Casa aiming to raise money for a music school in Gaza. Apparently ranging from “classical piano to funky guitar to wild vocals,” the show features a very solid cast of jazz musicians all with good hearts.


Drop by Crocodiles at Divan Orange for a psychedelic swirl of fuzzy pop plucked ripe from the San Diego sun.


Take a trip on the stripped down psych drone twosome built of Wooden Shjips‘ guitarist Ripley Johnson and the organ tones of his partner Sanae Yamada. Moon Duo will be playing at Casa with the cosmic support of Sundrips solo act, Event Cloak.

Bon week-end!


(This) Thursdays {Alive}

You guys are into free music, yeah?
Cheap drinks?

You might wanna check out this show happening tomorrow at McGill featuring a stellar cast of McGill student bands like Notta Comet (who have taken their spoken word + DnB hybrid and transformed it into a four piece act) and OWLA (who make “free-floating melodic drone” that promises to stimulate your eardrums).

Plus, don’t miss CKUT’s World Skip The Beat DJs spinning ridiculously fresh earworms and extra special dance grooves!

Doors open at 8pm.


We got this super rad poster done at Comic Con! Thanks so much to artist David Therrien over at


We got this super rad poster done at Comic Con! Thanks so much to artist David Therrien over at

Hey all,
Joni here, your new music dept contact replacing the lovely (and very much missed) Amber here at CKUT. Some of you may know me from CHUO but for those of you who I haven’t talked to before, then hi! It’s been a crazy few weeks here as I packed up all my belongings and moved here (by greyhound – whew), but I couldn’t be more excited to be in Montreal and working with the great crew at CKUT. Amber and everyone at the station has made me feel right at home, and having POP MTL kick off right after my move to the city has made for some pretty excellent adventures so far.

Tracking hrs will stay the same, Thursdays 1-4pm EST. Gimme a shout for all yr CKUT music needs!





Jimmy “Bo” Horne + Cadence Weapon x POP Symposium

News has been spreading about the infamous Jimmy Bo Horne show Saturday night or Sunday Morning at L’Eglise Pop.

The man boogied into the wee hours (despite several attempts by his manager and possibly wife to cut him off at 3AM).

If you were there and want to hear him talk about much more than “LETS PARTY” and “CANADA!!!” then check this out.


Aaron Lumley will perform his solo contrebass improvisations at L'envers on Tuesday

This Week’s (Other) Shows (September 20 – 27)


Aaron Lumley will perform his solo contrebass improvisations at L’envers on Tuesday

Welp, it’s here. I haven’t been to any POP shows yet, but that’s only because I’ve got my sights trained on these shows that are falling a bit under the radar. Yessir, here’s what you can see this week that’s not part of POP.

First and foremost, check out Cool Fest, it’s a super cool, $10 a day music festival happening at Beaubien loft La Brique on Friday and Saturday that promises to be a raucous  and righteous alternative to POP. But if that doesn’t suit your fancy, we’ve got more shows below.

Friday 9/21

L’envers hosts a night of improvisatory jazz featuring Felix-Antoine Hamel on sax, Paul Serralheiro on trumpet, Farley Miller on drums, and Stéphane Diamantakiou on contrebass.  Plus, director Vincent Berger Rond will be accompanying with recordings and voice.

Sunday 9/23

Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf will be playing at L’Astral, and I’m pretty certain it will lift your spirits. That’s here.

Monday 9/24

The improvisation continues at Casa del Popolo with two jazz duos comprised of Francois Carrier and Michel Lambert, as well as Karoline Leblanc and Paulo J Ferreira. Right on.

Tuesday 9/25

And again, this time a choice between improv nights either at Les Bobards for Kalmunity (which is liable to bring in spoken word, RnB, Hip Hop and whatever else the musicians are feeling) or back at L’envers for Aaron Lumley’s solo contrebass improvisations, “Wilderness.” (I’d go for that.)

Wednesday 9/26

How about some Edith Piaf salsa? That’s what I thought. Head over to Club Balattou to hear Angélique Duruisseau perform her Edith Piaf tribute with a huge cross-section of musical styles.

Whether you go all POP, or check out some of these as well, I wish you all a fantastic week!


You’re up late

Whatchya doin? Studying? Maybe to one of those cool campus mixtapes? I can get with that, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the comforting presence of a radio voice there with you on your all-nighter? Or, even cooler, actually get to be that radio voice?

That’s right, we’ve got a slot open that’s fit for creatures of the night and all other humans! It’s on Tuesdays from 3-4am, and if you’re interested, please contact CKUT’s Music Department over at From there, we can give you information on how to make a programme proposal, as well as what kind of programming and programmers CKUT looks to put on the air.




Howdy folks,

This is my last charts message to you on behalf of CKUT! Thanks so much for reading about our spins and for all your lovely responses, it’s been great getting to know this charts community. I’m going to miss reading the other station’s messages on the regular – everyone is so interesting and fun! I have some great news to share: our new Music Coordinator is none other than Joni Sadler (pictured above, left), who you may know from CHUO in Ottawa and her band Caymans (so rad!). So, all the best to all of you and I look forward to following all y’all on the interweb via Twitter and the like.

Loud charts return next week!

All the best and thanks,


CKUT Volunteers and interns sort CDs for your listening and purchasing pleasure

CD Sale This Thursday

CKUT Volunteers and interns sort CDs for your listening and purchasing pleasure

Hey, are you guys coming to our CD Sale this Thursday?

It’s on the McGill campus right outside of the McConnell Engineering Building, near the Milton Gates.

We’ll have a bunch of CDs there that you can buy for real cheap, and we’d be psyched to chat with you guys about becoming more involved with CKUT. Or you guys could just come by to hang and talk music.

It’s happening from 11am-5pm on Thursday the 20th. Hope to see you there!

David Byrne and St. Vincent

New Shit Playlist for September 17!

This week’s show featured a whole lot of the tough choices presented by Pop Montreal. I know I agonise over these very things every year at the festival, and so I figured I’d spread the pain around!

David Byrne and St. Vincent

Listen to the archive Here!

First up, my interview with Mount Eerie Mastermind Phil Elverum!

Mount Eerie – Yawning Sky
Mount Eerie – Interview

Next, we shed some light on the amazing skuzz rock scene that’s growing like some terrifying mould in the dark corners of basements and art galleries in Sackville, NB.

Killer Haze Records has a brand new compilation, Rat King 2 out this week, and it’s a must spin!
Astral Gunk – Trendy Radiation
Yellow Teeth – Without a Groan

Freak Heat Waves  – Nausea
Each Other – Ash Mound

Tough Choice #1: Wednesday at 9pm
Valleys – Tan Lines
Cobra and Vulture – Early Adopter

Tough Choice #2: Wednesday at 10pm
Freelove Fenner – Work Shop
DIIV – Past Lives
Buke and Gase – Mishaping Introduction

Tough Choice #3: Wednesday at 11pm
Wild Nothing – This Chain Won’t Break
Deerhoof – The Trouble with Candyhands

SURE THING: Wednesday’s Closer
Gang Gang Dance – Thru and Thru

Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute

Tough Choice #4: Thursday at 8:30pm
Rae Spoon – I Can’t Keep All of Our Secrets
You’ll Never get to Heaven – Drowning Out

Tough Choice #5: Friday at 8pm
David Byrne and St Vincent – Who
Flicker State – Go About It

Tough Choice #6: Friday at 10pm
Yamantaka Sonic Titan – Lamia
Besnard Lakes – Albatross

SURE THING: Friday’s Closer!

A Tribe Called Red – Morire Otro Dia


Wax Tailor – Heart Stop ft. Jennifer Charles

Apathy – Tell Me ft. Motive and Celph Titled

Lil B – Age of Information


Hope you dug the show, and remember to tune in next (and every) Monday from 3 till 5 for more New Shit!