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My Little Stolen Pony

Lady Ga Ga pony?

Today is the Karen a.k.a. the Stolen Pony’s last day in the CKUT music department! She’s wonderfully managed the day-to-day runnings of the department with Amber and has been a major boss of our music collection and most importantly of this here blog, music.ckut.ca!

We’re gonna miss the sound of her hoofs on the CKUT floor boards and her whinnying about great new music. Lucky for us though she’ll be continuing to DJ from time to time, so tune in next Wednesday the 29th when the Stolen Pony fills in for The Lion’s Den. Rawr/nay!

Edited to include, uh, this here video…


Elsewhere on the interweb…

Here are some finely wrapped morsels of information and entertainment that we gathered for you this week while crawling the web…

Screaming Jay Hawkins

Musicians’ Brains ‘Fine-Tuned’ to Identify Emotion: A recent study finds that us music types are all emo.

via the FMA

The Rise & Fall of MP3 Blogs (via Free Music Archive): Say it ain’t so!


Neilsen’s 360 Music Report Concludes Music Discovery Still Led By Radio (Via Rolling Stone):  This makes us happy.

Cuz there’s more to life than music and radio: Susan Sontag on Love: Illustrated Diary Excerpts (via Brain Pickings)

Happy weekend!