Special Broadcast: Ben Shemie’s “Transmission 1″

On Thursday May 31st at 8:15 pm, CKUT’s Dromotexte in collaboration with Mutek will be broadcasting one half of Transmission 1, a 15 minute, multi-channel radiophonic music composition scored for live instruments, sampled French and English spoken word, and electronics” by Montreal based composer and musician Ben Shemie. The other half of the piece will broadcast simultaneously over at one of our local sister stations CIBL,  the entirety of which will be presented live as a sit down performance at Montreal’s Monument National via two ‘walls’ of stacked and mounted home radios on Le Monument stage.  To appreciate this exciting live radiophonic collaboration from home, you will need two FM radios, one tuned to CKUT 90.3 and the other tuned to CIBL 101. 5 at exactly 8:15 pm.  As the festival’s organizers point out, “the piece can only truly be experienced by tuning in to both FM radios” making Transmission 1 not only “a unique public performance” but “a uniquely Montreal experience.”