So uh…apparently it’s International Goth Day.

Karen R.

I don’t know much about goth culture, but last time I checked, “going goth” meant developing a stern commitment to the art of frowning, maintaining a constant supply of lipstick in shades called “widow” and “demonatrix”, and manifesting a sickly pallor indicative of a deep and unshakable aversion to sunlight and happiness. But when I found out there was an actual day devoted to the subculture /lifestyle celebrated annually worldwide, it got me thinking, “maybe there’s more to this whole goth thing than owning bats and skulking around in hearse-chic attire in an attempt to frighten the elderly”. Then I saw THIS. And THIS.

All jokes aside, (pretty sure laughter violates the goth code, maniacal cackling a la Mad Daddy Meyers barring), goth music has enjoyed a rich and dynamic history, and seems to be experiencing an interesting upsurge as of late with the advent of neo-subgenres like witch house and dark circus/ clown-core. That being said, may Evanescence never make another record ever again. “Happy” Goth Day.