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New Shit May 21 2012

New Shit, Pre-February 2012 style.                                                                                                I put her highness, Noblesse Oblige up on Her Stolen Pony, Slapped the Pony on the Ass and  watched them ride into oblivion. Hasta Luego Princessas, this week’s new shit is going to be free from sass, have zero prestige, and there will absolutely be no chortling over my own brilliance between tracks. Steaming new sounds for this National Holiday of too many celebrated figures who sat at the helm of empires and armies and battalions that essentially liquidated cultures around the world and in Canada – committed cultural genocide on the first nations tribes across the country, so no thanks Queen Victoria.In Quebec, a province that cares not for the monarchy, Celebrates today as la Journee Internationale des Patriotes.

Ebo Taylor – Appia Kwa Bridge – Abonsam (Strut)
The Funkees – Dancing Time – Abraka (Soundway)
Orchestra Super Borgou de Parakou – The Bariba Sound 1970-1976 – Abakpé (Analog Africa)
Christian Scott – Christian A Tunde Adjuah – Kuro Shinobi (Concord)
Isle of Pine – …And Further Away – Noon (Self Released)
Violeta Päivänkakkara – KUU – SateenKaari (la Gramola)
Eric Chenaux – Guitar & Voice – Saubh Aughty (Constellation)
Moholy-Nagy – Like Mirage – Astronomy is a Natural Science (Temporary Residence)
Gareth Dickson – Quite A Way away – Noon (12K)
Cobra  & Vulture – Vocare – Craftsman (Self Released)
Alexander Tucker – Third Mouth – The Glass Axe (Thrill Jockey)
Pumice – Puny – Stink Moon (Soft Abuse)
Elfin Saddle – Devastates – Kiboho (Constellation)
Grimes – Visions – Know the Way (Arbutus)
Knotted Cord – Use Your Mind Power For Hours and Hours – Castle (Self Released)
Led er est – The Diver – House Fire at Zumi’s (Sacred Bones)
Rosenkopf – Rosenkopf – Heed (Wierd)
Bill Baird – Career – Your Fat (Self Released)
Rayon Beach – This Looks Serious – Some Fun Before We Die (HoZac)
Metz – Deadstock- Wet Blanket (Castor Design)
Burning Love – Deadstock) – Money Shots(Castor Design
Odonis Odonis -Deadstock – Ledged Up (Castor Design)
Young Mother – Motorway (Castor Design)
Der KriegsschauPlatz – Der KriegsschauPlatz – Leer(Self Released)
Celer – Lightness & Irresponsibility – An Unforced Irresponsibility (Constellation Tatsu)