Daily Archives: May 15, 2012

Occult Jam


Renaissance Jams?

Another Monday come and gone, another episode of New Shit chronicled for the ages. This week’s show featured neo-renaissance jams, exclusive live in studio recordings, and as usual, the kind of banter that could only be had between a lady horse and her mistress. Check out the playlist and listen to the show archive here.

– DJ Noblesse Oblige + DJ Stolen Pony


Joanna Newsom /Jack Rabbits/ Have One On Me

Damon Albarn/ The Golden Dawn/ Dr Dee

Damon Albarn/ Apple Carts/Dr Dee

Nico/Janitor of Lunacy/ Desert Shore

Jen Reimer/ Saint Urbain Underpass

Asonat/ Forgotten/ Love In Time of Repetition

CFCF/ Excercise 1 (Entry)/ Exercises

Beach House/Other People/Bloom

Father John Misty/Nancy From Now On/ FEAR FUN


Filthy Haanz/Maybe You Like/Be My Magic Octopussy

Death Grips/Get Got/The Money Store

Six Heads/ Side A: Smaller, Larger, Lighter/ Cardboard Oracle

Six Heads / Side A/The Cardboard Oracle

Anne – F Jacques/ Part of side A/ The Robert Street Tape

Maica Mia/Funny Way of Laughing/ Sparsity Blues

Each Other/ Live in studio recording

Mistress Barbara/ It Won’t Matter Anymore/Many Shades of Grey

Memoryhouse/ Little Expressionless Animals/ The Slideshow Effect

Miguel Atwood Ferguson/ Ghostfires from Heaven’s Far Verges Faint Illume/ Turn On the Sunlight Remixes and Collaborations

Elfin Saddle/ The Changing Wind/ Devastates