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Suoni Per Il Popolo preview on Jazz Amuck!

William Parker of the William Parker Orchestra

Tune into Jazz Amuck tomorrow morning between 9-11am for a preview of this year’s Suoni Per Il Popolo festival! Host John B will be in conversation with the festival’s creative director Steve Guimond to discuss festival highlights and will be giving away tickets to some of the shows. Tune in on-line or by dialing into 90.3FM in Montreal.


Clip of the Week: Tribute to Blue Sunshine

This week’s clip is from Jet Set Discotek’s special two-hour tribute to Blue Sunshine, a cinema space specializing in underground, trash, & cult films that recently closed it’s doors after a 2-year run. Listen to Jet Set host Velmont deliver his elegy to the brain-bending psychotropic music haus here, and check out Jet Set Discotek every 2nd & 4th Monday from 3-4am.

A Stirling tapestry

New Shit Playlist – May 28, 2012

A Stirling tapestry

Started off the show on Monday with a sorta wandering, story time-Noblesse Oblige kinda frame of mind. Have a listen if you’d like to catch up on a little Scotch tapestry convo and then a special guest DJ set by Noah Bick, teched and talked with by Maica Mia. Theee playlist:

Tony Conrad – Four Violins

Eliane Radigue – Transamorem-Transmortem

Buildings and Mountains – Fall Moon

Chris Watson – BJ Nilson – Storm – Chris Watson – No Man’s Land

Księżyc – Historyjka

Roy Harper – Stormcock – Me and My Woman

Grouper – A I A – Atone

Eric Chenaux – Dull Lights – Guitar & Voice

Willis Earl Beal – Acousmatic Sorcery – Take Me Away

Chad VanGaalen – Freedom For A Policeman – Diaper Island

Wintersleep – Resuscitate – Hear Hum

Dishwasher – Thurible Thurible – Silence

Goose Hut – Macee – unreleased

Moonface – Quickfire I Tried – With Siinai Heartbreaking

Freelove Fenner – Wenty Witchcult – Bravery

Mike O’Brien – Summershine – The Hudson Sessions

Jennifer Castle – Way Of the Crow – Castle Music

Purity Ring – Obedear – Shrines

Intensive Care – I Like It – It Takes Time EP

Cousins – Jules – The Palm at the End of the Mind


Special Broadcast: Ben Shemie’s “Transmission 1″

On Thursday May 31st at 8:15 pm, CKUT’s Dromotexte in collaboration with Mutek will be broadcasting one half of Transmission 1, a 15 minute, multi-channel radiophonic music composition scored for live instruments, sampled French and English spoken word, and electronics” by Montreal based composer and musician Ben Shemie. The other half of the piece will broadcast simultaneously over at one of our local sister stations CIBL,  the entirety of which will be presented live as a sit down performance at Montreal’s Monument National via two ‘walls’ of stacked and mounted home radios on Le Monument stage.  To appreciate this exciting live radiophonic collaboration from home, you will need two FM radios, one tuned to CKUT 90.3 and the other tuned to CIBL 101. 5 at exactly 8:15 pm.  As the festival’s organizers point out, “the piece can only truly be experienced by tuning in to both FM radios” making Transmission 1 not only “a unique public performance” but “a uniquely Montreal experience.”


The Mutek Sessions: Fairwell + Ticket Giveaways

Today marks the fourth and final installment of the Mutek Sessions, DJs Dan and Cyan’s Mutek themed takeover of the Montreal Sessions for the month of May. They’ll be wrapping up the month’s programming  in style with ticket giveaways for the Nocturne 4 showcase featuring Keith Fullerton Whitman and A Guy Called Gerald, and Wolf and Lamb at Piknic Electronik. Tune in!

VDA12 0522 pots and pans 04.JPG


Une Tintamarre of tin and metal percussion reigns the soundscape of neighbourhood streets in Montréal , some take to their balconies, some opt for the stoop or stairs, and others form impromptu marching bands.Citizens in Montreal have adopted the Chilean protest tactic of Cacerolazo over the past few evenings starting at 8pm and going late into the night in some neighbourhoods. They are  making some rhythmic noise to protest against the undemocratic emergency Law 78 put in place by the Charest Government to curb student and citizen activist protests in Montreal. What the law has done, has increased the numbers on the streets, and is bringing neighbours together (and angering some as well…). Take it to the streets at 8pm with  lids, frying pans, double boilers, mixing bowls and utensils.

Wednesday May 23
The last in this years’ 24 Gauche Series is starting at 8pm outside the Gallery Espace Project situated at 353 Villeray E. with a tintamarre de casseroles.  Bring your kitchen wares to kick things off, then head into the gallery for a solo set by Owen Chapman “Acetone vs Thereminvox” and a collaboration between Chris Strickland and Guido Del Fabbro.

Improvisation abounds at Casa Obsucura‘s weekly MercrediMusics with Jean Derome, Isiah Ceccarellli, Michel F. Cote, Pierre Tanguay.

Looking for a more melodic,  rock infused structures of sound?

Cobra and Vulture, Year of Glad and Doug Hoyer with Jessica Jalbert will be rumbling within the walls of Jacky & Judy

Thursday May 24 An evening of minimal coldwave influenced synth pop, bent songstylings, and a bit of the unknown unfolds at the casa del Popolo with: Brusque Twins, Country, and Flist@ Casa del Popolo.
Parlovr are launching their new album Kook Soul, a set of violent love songs with jesuslesfilles at Jackie &Judy                        Friday May 25
The fine folk of Riddim Wise Radio over at our sister station CISM are throwing their fist Drop The Riddim monthly at CFC(6388 St-Hubert), a night of Reggae, Dub Oldies, Nu roots, Dancehall, Lovers and Rub-a-dub featuring live performances by  Face T and Marky Lyrical.

Jazz improv at the cosy l’envers space (185 van horne)features the trio of
Ellwood Epps(Trumpet), Aaron Lumley(bass) and Ivan Bramford(drums)

Saturday May 26 Get Your Dance on with the monthly installment of The Goods w/ residents Scott C & Andy Williams & guest DJ Amir@ Sala Rossa

Improv at Vergil Reality with L’apres Midi d’un Phon with John Heward, Jean Derome, Vergil Sharkya. 4374 Blvd. St- Laurent. First set at 6pm sharp, second set at 7pm.

Get Your Dance on with the monthly installment of The Goods w/ residents Scott C & Andy willaims & guest DJ Amir@ Sala Rossa<br>
Improv at Vergil Reality with L’apres midi d’un phon with John Heward, Jean Derome, Vergil Sharkya 4374 Blvd. St- Laurent first set at 6pm sharp, second set at 7pm
Le Boeuf et La Violette live in studio

The Mutek Sessions, part three: Basic Soul Unit + Le Boeuf et La Violette

Le Boeuf et La Violette live in studio

Today hosts Cyan and Dan continued their month long, Mutek themed takeover of The Montreal Sessions with a live in studio set by Le Boeuf et La Violette, and an interview with Basic Soul Unit, both of whom will be performing at this year’s Mutek Festival. Take a listen to the show archive available for for streaming/download here, and while you’re at it, check out last week’s episode too, featuring an interview with UK based producer and DJ A Guy Called Gerald who will also be performing at this year’s fest.  See the complete festival schedule for details.


So uh…apparently it’s International Goth Day.

Karen R.

I don’t know much about goth culture, but last time I checked, “going goth” meant developing a stern commitment to the art of frowning, maintaining a constant supply of lipstick in shades called “widow” and “demonatrix”, and manifesting a sickly pallor indicative of a deep and unshakable aversion to sunlight and happiness. But when I found out there was an actual day devoted to the subculture /lifestyle celebrated annually worldwide, it got me thinking, “maybe there’s more to this whole goth thing than owning bats and skulking around in hearse-chic attire in an attempt to frighten the elderly”. Then I saw THIS. And THIS.

All jokes aside, (pretty sure laughter violates the goth code, maniacal cackling a la Mad Daddy Meyers barring), goth music has enjoyed a rich and dynamic history, and seems to be experiencing an interesting upsurge as of late with the advent of neo-subgenres like witch house and dark circus/ clown-core. That being said, may Evanescence never make another record ever again. “Happy” Goth Day.