art's birthday


It’s happening again –

on Friday January 13th at 185 Van Horne 9pm: CKUT’s Annual Celebration of the idea that ART was born on The 17th of January 1 000 048   years ago when some one dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water, Some sort of hair brained idea by FLUXUS artist Robert Filliou in 1963. We figure it is indeed a great way/day to Celebrate the presence of Art in our lives – we’d be pretty solemn without it.

There is gonna be Birthday Cake, Decorations, Party Hats, Sound Installations,  film screening  s, musical performance (and a rumored impromptu kissing booth…)

Musical Guests include:

Andy boay /Leyla Majeri and Katherine Kline / LWA / FleshtoneAura /Id_M_Theft_able/  Flandrew Fleisenberg /       Emilie Mouchousandrea-jane cornell

Doors at 9pm music at 9:30 8-10$ at the door