Montreal based trio Aim Low came together as a self described happy accident and make some pretty dense wall of sound droning music  with effected guitars, bass, vocals and other objects. They’ve been making themselves nauseous by hanging around in the brown zone of frequency spectrum since boredom brought them together in late 2010.  they have self released an a few ep’s and at the time there was talk about cassette releases on they live we sleep, and  walnut locust in the near future.

While chatting in the studio after their set  that literally gave my lungs a good vibrational massage due to the intensity of the sound pressure levels emitted through their modest amplifiers, they talked about the process of improvisation in their approach  to creating and performing music. I can’t remember if it was d.a or l.f that said it,  but what he did say was that it’s like  “You know how to get home from one place, but we each take different routes to get there. There are established starting and ending points and structural conventions in place, but ultimately it’s like – hey guys i’ll meet you down the street in 12 minutes, some times you’re early, sometimes you’re late some times you just hang around there till you all meet up.” I dunno – i really enjoyed this analogy to structured improvisation.

Listen to their live set on New Shit in  on the Free Music Archives