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Last edition of THE WORD I HEARD

:::UPDATE::: Tune in to the final installment of The Word I Heard on the Montreal Sessions today from 3 to 5 pm as Karen and Tim reflect on the month’s programming, chat about each others work, and bring you some new original material.  Also featuring on-air performances from Eric Andrew-Gee of STEPS Magazine and local spoken word poet and founder of Madpoetix Productions, Kym Dominique-Ferguson.

via Midnight Poutine

Volunteer for Rock Camp for Girls Montreal

via Midnight Poutine

A call-out for musician-types! Volunteer for Rock Camp for Girls Montreal! The completely rad summer camp experience is seeking camp coordinators, read more about it on their website.

Lederhosen Lucil gets campers movin! via Midnight Poutine

A bored teenage boy in class. Photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, December 1948.

Got music on the mind? How about a radio show?

A bored teenage boy in class. Photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, December 1948.

There are two music programming slots currently available at CKUT 90.3FM specially made for night owls and insomniacs! Open slots are:
  • Thursdays: 2-4am (weekly bi-weekly)
  • Fridays: 4-6am (weekly)
The Programming committee is seeking proposals for new music programmes. Please get in touch with the Music Department for information regarding how to make a programme proposal and what kinds of programming and programmers CKUT seeks for making live radio all through the night/morning.
Ruined Polaroid by William Miller

What’s Going On

Polaroid by William Miller

Hello dear Total Eclipse reader/CKUT-listener/lovah of music: there have been changes shakin’ up in the music department at CKUT 90.3FM and that is why we’ve been a bit quieter on the blog-front lately…what’s been happening is that AJ has moved on from the station and Amber is taking her place (check out an impromptu interview with her on Latin Music Mondays today). Mix in some post-holiday spirit and you’ve got yourself a lively broadcast but a quieter blog! But that won’t last for very long, promise. Rawr.

Recently: check out Andy’s nutty broadcast from last week’s If You Got Ears (Wednesday Jan. 18th) wherein he played a whole bunch of movies at once to wonderful effect!



Tune-into Dragonroot Radio, Tues @ 8h30-9h for a k u a

a k u a is playing live in studio Tuesday, January 17 from 8h30-9h.

She’s a local emerging musical talent whose lyrics and melodies will keep bouncing around between your ears long after you hear them. Find more of her music here:
Listen back to this and any other Dragonroot session here: