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The Magic Sound Box!

Dec. 15 + 16th evening – The Magic Sound Box: This live radio transmission art show (or tell…) takes the audience inside Radioland – inside the magic sound box – highlighting the many talents of CKUT, exploring the limits of aural imagination and indulging in the intimacy of sound. The plan: create an enclosed area with large swaths of multi-coloured fabric, turn off the lights…and make radio. The audience is inside the box, the performers are on the outside. Two performances: 7:45pm and 9:45pm, sharp! For more information, e-mail Courtney.

Whatta poster, huh?

World's largest spider web!

Elsewhere on the interweb…

World's largest spider web!

(Soundtrack for this blog entry: Hazed Dream by Psychic Ills [Sacred Bones Records])

Do you ever get caught strolling along the same internet lanes and neighborhoods wondering where everybody is? Well, here’s a wee list of suggestions for you, dear music lover/explorer. Actually, that’s your name around these parts, isn’t it, Dear M. Lover-Explorer from parts known, seeking the unknown? This new blog feature is for you.

Firstly, our recent Montreal Sessions host for the month of November, Natasha Pickowicz (a.k.a. Popcorn Youth) has recently written an article that’s worth checking out over on Foxy Digitalis about the upcoming Cool Fest (Dec.9-11th) here in Montreal. She writes about the weekend-long festival’s highlights, co-founder Blake Hargreaves and edible delights that she herself will be providing for one of the festival dates.

***Natasha also recently wrote an article for the Burlington Free Press about the ‘hidden gems of Montreal‘, which is especially useful for visitors and folks new to the city.

Helsinki listeners tune into Le Placard Headphone Festival

Elsewhere, there’s the highly unique Le Placard Headphone Festival, which describes itself thusly:

  • a non-stop three month streaming headphone festival.Placard is a headphone concert festival, playing with concentration, intimacy,time warp,and teleportation.This year it goes on for 97 days non stop, in different cities. It functions under a mode of open program,open for headphone rooms to create performance spaces where performers are welcomed to perform. Both the headphoneroom ‘owner’ and the performers use the inscription site to self organize the global program. The placard ‘owner’ receives in his room performers who have submitted a inscription via the site , and streams the shows to the other headphonerooms either passive listeners or waiting to perform.The site is designed to simplify communication inbetween the performers and the organizers, using automatic emails notifying of incomming inscriptions , accepted deplaced or refused perfomances ; also notifying performers of the creation of headphonerooms in their city.

Sign up, listen up and perform, even, as the Montreal leg of the festival is looking for participants.

Some station history for ya: CKUT in the archives (1964!!)

Also, have you checked out the It Could Get Worse blog and videos? You should cuz Bill C110, the Omnibus Crime Bill, is a criminalizing bully and we want you to take part in the action to make sure it doesn’t get passed! Former CKUT-er Laurin Liu, Member of Parliament (NDP, St-Eustache) has joined the campaign too! Here’s a video featuring Irkar, listen to what he has to say:

Finally, there’s always a ton of rad-ness going on on the CKUT Facebook page and website, so do have a look to find out more about projects like Radio Moon, a show which is is dedicated to and produced by people touched by mental illness.

Happy web crawling!