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via The Swinging 60s

Happy New Year!

via The Swinging 60s

Happy holidays! It’s been quiet around this here blog due to vacation time and celebratin’, but that doesn’t mean CKUT’s excellent programming has quieted down: we’re on the air 24/7 + 365 days a year! Round the clock, babeeee. Check out the details about our special holiday programming over on the CKUT website, such as the Sounds of Steel metal year in review show happening this New Years Eve (do tune in from 9-11pm for that)!

Speaking of years, this one is winding down and we, like many other music geeks out there on the interweb, have made a list, checked it thrice and deterined our top 100 albums of 2011, so do hustle on over to our charts page to see who’s made the cut!

Finally, do come on out to CKUT’s annual Art’s Birthday celebration on Friday January the 13th. More details to come, but do RSVP to the Facebook event and be sure to invite your buds.

Stay warm, be safe and merry merry!

Bernardino Femminielli


What is your name?
My name is Bernardino Femminielli
What is the story behind your name?
Don’t really remember, I think that Femminielli was rather to evoke several sensibilities of my work…
Hometown: Montréal
Home base: Montréal
Latest recording/release: Just released the Sprezzatura cassette on Robert & Leopold
Describe the vibe/feel of this album in five words:
Hedonistic, unchaste, debauched, mystical, sexual…
What have you been listening to lately?
These days I listened to a lot of contemporary music from the 60s and 70’s. With every listening, I say to myself that I should make my own compositions leaving only fragments of ideas with a small pulses, creating a kind of abstract/addictive pop music which will leave space for the imagination. But right now my purpose is to only compose music which will make your brain dance by avoiding an overload of intellectual information.
What is your craziest/most memorable/favourite tour story?
Driving all the way from Seattle to Chicago in 2 days is the worst/craziest thing to do.
What’s your pre-show routine?
Drinking beer and talking with people…
…And post-show?
Drinking beer and talking with people…
Who would you love to share a bill with?
To tell you the truth, I really don’t know, probably anybody who’s rich and famous…
Who are your dream collaborators (living or dead)?
My dream collaborator would be someone who would know how to play with the subtleties of life, how to measure things from one extreme to the other. Right now, I can say that I am very very well surrounded and I wouldn’t exchange these people for anyone else. If we speak about persons who were a big influence on my work and with whom I shall like collaborating, I would include Franco Battiato, Robert Ashley or Alejandro Jodorowsky… But a dream has to remain a dream… You know, I am afraid of being disappointed or to disappoint them, haha!
If you could see your music, what would it look like?
Maybe like this? That’s was made by my friend Sabrina Ratté who also made other video artworks for me in the past. She’s a dream collaborator!
Most crucial equipment for your music making:
An open mind and some 80’s Roland Sequencers…
What did you do last Wednesday?
Nothing really exciting, I was probably working or buying records…
When and where are your upcoming shows/performances?
Well, I got no plans of doing others shows for the rest of the year I’m just trying to focus on the recording of my full lenght album and performing others shows with my side-project, Labios.
  • Bernardino Femminielli is Fixture Records‘ last guest for their Montreal Sessions residency. Be sure to tune in between 3-5pm on Tuesday December 27th to listen to the band perform, chat and hang out with Tessa!
  • Interview by Amanda and Amber.

New on the Free Music Archive: FLESHTONE AURA

Fleshtone Aura serves his spicy dinner with a tangle of source cassettes and electronics that deploy the deeply arousing aromas of both a series of poignant and extraordinairily well timed belches and farts (or the equivalent thereof) AND the grandest gestures of the sternest-most-serious-never-leaving-the-lab shut in tape music connoiseurs of days of yore…but, ah, those toots never act merely as a humorous apology, never slapping a stick just for slapstick, nor are those high brows ever talking down to us, they’re just gifts, we’re supposed to use them as catapults into the ??!!??!!…..a series of dynamics and moments (karate chop, massage, flower sniffing, paper airplane glides, broken table leg,  spoiled milk, et c) that sometimes explode atop or beside each other in matter of seconds, or sometimes linger on a sweet spot for us to suckle sugary nectars……. these juxtapositions described cease being juxtapositions when heard, all moments contribute to a fabulous, pink-pulsing-writhing whole, the superflousness is left in the waste basket, even the meanderers meander with great purpose, leaving nothing but a strobing (perhaps beaked) body builder (who never bathes or waxes: why lie?) flexing themselves into a vast meadow of previously unseen flowers in some public park somewhere.”

Check out three Fleshtone Aura albums on the CKUT Free Music Archive page, y’all. Yay-uh.


The Montreal Sessions: FREELOVE FENNER

Caitlin Loney is one third of the band Freelove Fenner and here she is in their recording studio, The Bottle Garden. Freelove Fenner will be Fixture Records‘ fourth band this month as part of their Montreal Sessions residency. Be sure to tune in tomorrow between 3-5pm to listen to the band perform, chat and hang out with Tessa.

Photos and interview by Amanda and Amber.


Concert Listings: December 16 – 22

Santa Claus may be coming to town, but so is James Chance. Take a break from exams,  pre – holiday hysteria, or whatever else you’ve got going on this week to check out some of these sure to be sweet sounding shows.

Friday Dec. 16


Exhaust, thisquietarmy, .cut featuring Gibet @ Casa del Popolo. 8:30 pm. $9

Saturday Dec. 17

James Chance

James Chance, Ell V gore, Grand Trine @ Il Motore. 9 pm. $ 10-12

Sunday Dec. 18

Nico Muhly

Nico Muhly + Missy Mazzoli+ The Youjsh @ Sala Rossa. 8 pm.

Monday Dec. 19


Kandle + Brad Barr @ La Sala Rossa. 8 pm.

Tuesday Dec. 21

Cobra and Vulture + Videotape + Sick Friend @ The Plant. 9 pm. $5 or pay what you can.

Wednesday Dec. 22

Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones + Cian Nugent @ Casa del Popolo. 9 pm. $12

Thursday Dec. 23

Alex Nevsky

Cardinal + Alex Nevsky @ La Sala Rossa. 9 pm. $14


Submit your music to the station!

Dear reader,

Submit your music to our station! We’d love to hear it. Mail it in or drop it off…include a letter along with your CD, if you’d like to, or stuff the envelope with zines and candy if you wanna, but really what we want is good music! So, no need to get fancy. Have a look at our submission requirements; all the details are listed below as well as our Submissions page:

Please do submit your music to CKUT 90.3FM. We accept a wide variety of formats including CDs, cassettes, 12″ and 7″ vinyl records and cassettes. We do not accept mp3s, focus tracks and digital submissions.

Please drop off or mail your stuff to:

CKUT 90.3FM / Music Department / 3647 University St. / Montreal, Quebec / H3A 2B3

Sheer Agony practices at Silver Door

The Montreal Sessions: SHEER AGONY

Sheer Agony practices at Silver Door

Jackson MacIntosh of Sheer Agony showed us around

Jackson tends to the guitar garden, does some weeding.

Jackson MacIntosh is the man behind Sheer Agony and is a mean guitar player. He’ll be Fixture Records‘ second guest this month as part of their Montreal Sessions residency. Be sure to tune in tomorrow between 3-5pm to listen to the performance, interview and whatever else they get up to!

Photos and interview by Amanda and Amber.


Concert Listings: Dec. 9-15th

Here’s WHAT IS UP. : ) Apologies for the weird formatting. : S (yesss to emoticons today!)

Friday, December 9th 2011

COOL FEST XI This year’s Cool Fest lands on a full moon. The moon will be in Gemini. The sun will be in Sagittarius. All happenin’ at La Brique, more details on the Facebook event page or the Pop Montreal website.


  • Metalux (NYC/Baltimore)
  • O Voids
  • Omma Cobba (Toronto / Sweet Rot Records)
  • Pon De Replay (ex-MTL/now-Toronto, Pleasance records)
  • Man made Hill (Toronto new LP on Pleasance)
  • Simon Delage
  • RAAS (Ottawa / member of the Unireverse)
  • Framboos (QC)
  • The Pederast (Toronto)
Zinc & Copper Works [Robin Hayward: tuba; Patrick Crossland: trombone; Samuel Stoll: cor] avec Ellwood Epps (trompette), Pierre-Yves Martel (viole de gambe), Isaiah Ceccarelli (percussion)@ L’Envers
The easton Ellises, LE Couleur, Pendentif, Ghetto Pony@ Divan Orange
The National, Neko Case, Wye Oak@ Centre Bell
Blood shot bill@ Divan Orange
Ferris Wheel, Nick Kuepfer@ Casa Del Popolo

Saturday, December 9th 2011


  • Screening of Xavier: Renegade Angel
  • Lizmax Yogazone w/ Music by Prime Cuts and Hammond Ri
  • Eternalife (Kyle Fostner)
  • Body Count Dracula (Brian Mitchell, Mat Oxley)
  • Self Surgery (Ottawa / Bruised Tongue CEO)
  • Steve Jr.
  • Frasier Crane
  • DJ battle using sound from VHS tapes only
  • DJ Proud Father vs. DJ Rod Duchamp


  • ISA Christ (NYC)
  • Chansons D’amour
  • Flatgrey
  • United Waters (NYC / member of Mouthus)
  • Gastric Female Reflex (Toronto / Beniffer Editions)
  • Roman Pilates (Toronto / Wintage Records and Tapes CEO)
  • Institutional Prostitution
  • Films by Joshua Bastien & Leyla Majeri

Non-Cool Fest Action:

  • Clap your hands say yeah, Waters@ LA Tulipe
  • No No Zero, Vomit Squad, Deutsche Banks@ Casa Del Popolo
  • Zinc & Copper Works [Robin Hayward: tuba; Patrick Crossland: trombone; Samuel Stoll: cor] avec Amy Horvey (trompette), Rainer Wiens (guitare préparée), Philippe Lauzier (clarinette basse)@ L’Envers
  • John Southworth, Sean Nicholas Savage@ Divan orage 5@7
  • K-os, Dirty mags@dirty Mags@Club soda

Sunday, December 10th 2011

  • La soirée après l’après-midi d’un phon: Isaiah Ceccarelli (percussion) / Alexandre St-Onge (basse) / Vergil Sharkya’ (synthétiseurs, etc.)@ Vergil Reality, 4374 St-Laurent 18h / 6 pm
  • Mamychel, Nelo Chouloute@ Club Balattou
  • Todd Clouser, Indigone Trio@ Casa Del Popolo

Monday, December 11th 2011

  • Innovations in Concert: LE Quatuor Bozzini, Zinc&Copper Works@La Sala Rossa

Tuesday, December 12th 2011

  • Mardi Spaghetti: Nicolas Caloia (contrebasse) / Yves Charuest (saxophone alto) + Subtle Lip Can [Josh Zubot: violons; Bernard Falaise: guitare; Isaiah Ceccarelli: percussion]@ Le Cagibi
  • Lamogoya@ Club Balattou
  • Kalmunity Live Organic Improv@ Bobards
  • Darling Ghost@Casa Del Popolo

Wednesday, December 13th 2011

  • Buddy Mcneil& the magic Mirrors, Sunny duval omme Orchestre@ Casa Del Popolo
  • Karim Medfai Band@ Club Balattou
  • Mercredimusics: Clarineptette [Lori Freedman; Robert Marcel Lepage; Guillaume Bourque; Frank Lozano; Philippe Lauzier; Allan Laforest; Isak Goldschneider: clarinettes]@ Casa Obscura
  • Brahja Waldman & Friends of Freedom + Stefan Christof (piano)@ L’Envers
  • Clotaire Rapaille: Opera Rock@ LA Sala Rossa

Thursday, December 14th 2011

  • DIR en Grey, The Brithday massacre @ Club Soda
  • Preterite, Le Fruit Vert @ Casa del Popolo [FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE]
  • Karp Lives (Screening@ Il Motore
  • The Potholes, Pigeon-hole@Sala Rossa

Azealia Banks

WomEn in HIp hOP

Azealia Banks

Check out the archives from Venus Radio‘s latest show (all the best music by all the best women for all the best listeners), cuz guest DJ Rachie Hall came in and helped spin and hour’s worth of lady MCs. Listen to it here and check out the track listing below:

  • Queen Latifa Feat. Monie Love-Ladies first
  • Bahamadia and Rah Digga-Be ok
  • Psalm One-Rapper Girls
  • Angel Haze-6’7
  • Cstraps feat. Tospino-Swagalicious
  • Muthoni the Drummer Queen-Mikono Kwenye hewa
  • Tiyiselani Vomaseve-NaXaniseka
  • Unique -War Talk
  • Azealia Banks-L8R
  • Lioness feat. Lady Lashure and Amplify Dot
  • Rainbow Noise-Imma
  • Sima Lee-Trust Nobody
  • Hurricane G.-No More Prisons
  • Keny Arkana-La rage
  • Shadia Mansour feat. M1-El Kofeyye Arabeyye
  • Anita Tijoux feat Invincible-Sube
  • Yoon Mi Rae- ?
  • Isis- Ask a woman

Tune into Venus every week from 12-2pm every Thursday on CKUT 90.3FM or