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Get your Podcast Fix: This is Not a Lecture ep. 6

Cochleas rejoice! Episode 6 of This is Not a Lecture, our twice monthly music podcast for leacocks.com is up and ready to romance your ears.  Have a look at the tracklist and what the nice peeps over at Leacock’s have to say about it below:

“On your way to class, when you do the dishes, or when you have friends over, you always face one problem. You look at your iTunes and realize, that between, Beck, Chromeo, and Neon Indian, there’s really not that much going on in the realm of the exciting. Do you think music just took a turn for the worse? Actually, you did, because, you stopped keeping up. But it’s all good; that’s what CKUT and Leacock’s are here for. Let Karen’s soothingly attractive voice play an hour of the flyest music since the last time you burned a mix CD. And don’t forget the weekly ‘Leacock’s picks’, a calculated selection of that which has seduced our music writers.”

1. Los Admiradores – Tenderly Bongos  2. J-Doe – Passenger  3. Jimmy Soul – If You Wanna Be Happy  4. Kodak To Graph – Express/Cause  5. Asap Rocky – Bass 6. Robot Koch – Tapedeck  7. Lil B – I Got Aids  8. Seekae – Blood Bank 9. STRFKR  – Peachy // Lil Wayne -Lollipop 10. Sit Down Beside Me – Patrick Watson 11. Beta Band – Squares 12. CocoRosie – Fairy Paradise 13. Mogwai  -Does This Always Happen? // “[“Mother” and “Father” trying to get Billy out of bed, followed by whistling solo]”  – performers unknown