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Crib these notes, check this list: November highlights!

Noveeeemmmbbbeerrrraaaaiiiiiiin*! There’s markéd a difference between listening to the radio or downloaded radio programs in late fall than, say, mid-summer while sailing along on your bike (a bad idea anyway, illegal even) or while soaking in the sunshine on your balcony (hopefully with sunscreen on). November listening is at once a cosier thing (sweaters, blankets on couches, laptop sessions in bed) as well as sterner stuff (traveling in inclement weather, sharper menswear-inspired style, sharper corners revealed all over the city by the fainting leaves). With this is mind, here are some recent highlights from CKUT’s music programming this past month, click on the dates to download or stream the archived broadcast…in no particular order:

  • Nov. 16th, 12-2am: Robyn’s solo-hosted DJ set on DUCK TRUCK RADIO featured “(her subconscious which was) heavy on the organ: old gospel, horror & sci fi heaven! also some sweeeeet soul music to top things off because there is nothing in this world better.”
  • Nov. 9th, 9-11am: WHERES’ THE BEAT an interview with Matt Haimovitz and a live performance by Matt Haimovitz and Dominic Painchaud who is part of Haimovitz’ Uccello Ensemble.
  • Nov. 9th, 9-1opm: Live broadcast of the Cheap Thrills 40th Anniversary concert at Casa del Popolo. More info here!
  • Every Tuesday this November: The Montreal Sessions (an artist-in-residence program) hosted by Natasha Pickowicz featuring amazing guests, more info here!
  • Nov. 11th, 3-5pm: Special edition of Aack! guest-hosted by Amber featuring mixes from Campus Mixtapes and the Free Music Archive.
  • Nov. 4th + 11th 1-4am: “Nightime Funtime”, for now, cuz this is an open slot.  These two shows were hosted by AJ and featured free form sonic explorations! Do e-mail us if you’re interested in this newly opened weekly spot, the former an even keel slot has been left to the devices of those interested in using the broadcast studio as a center for experimentation and sonic research. Expect the unexpected, 3 hours of unhindered improvisation with what ever objects and instruments can be found in the station. Anyone who is interested in participating should email music AT ckut DOT ca
  • Nov 16th 8-10pm: Listen to the Father of Origin: Juma Sultan Aboriginal Music Society Box Set thatwas released on the 15th of November 2011 on Michael Ehlers’ Eremite Label on Jazz Euphorium. The Aboriginal Music Society was established as a radical arts presenting organization and music ensemble by percussionist/bassist Juma Sultan and Percussionist Ali Abwuli in Woodstock in 1968. They produced independent music concerts, owned and operated a a recording studio and collaborated with the artist run New York loft space Studio We on performances and educational programs. More here

* This contentious (in the music office) G’n’R’ ref’ will soon be sweetened with a remix of the tune of a similar name by a musical man about town. Check back soon! Officially sweetened!