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Sabrina Ratté + Roger Tellier-Craig

Natasha’s MTL Sessions Schedule for November

Sabrina Ratté + Roger Tellier-Craig

Natasha Pickowicz is the host of the November edition of The Montreal Sessions and she’s been bringing in lots of rad guests into the studio. Here’s the official schedule as posted on her website:

Tune in every Tuesday this month from 3-5pm to catch the shows and check out the CKUT archives to access any you might have missed.



So, we’ve told you about Campus Mixtapes and now we wanna review how you can sign up for it and start sharing mixes!

Account registration is available for McGill students and faculty as well as members of CKUT 90.3 FM (volunteers and donors):

  • You must use an email address ending with @mail.mcgill.ca (@mcgill.ca works too) or an address listed in CKUT’s membership database.
  • Existing CKUT members (volunteers, programmers, etc) please note that you are creating a seperate account with a new password.
  • If you are having difficulties please contact mcgill@ckut.ca !

OK, go to peoples! Have fun making your mixes.