((( TOTAL ECLIPSE ))) Q&A with Stranger

Jordan "Robson" Cramer a.k.a. Stranger

  • Total Eclipse (Oct. 20th-22nd) is coming, three shows in a row to herald CKUT’s annual funding drive. Hurrah! The brightness will be blacked out from our days and memories will be forged from stage light and shadow. Did you know that passes for the series are now available? They’re $20 for all three nights versus paying $8 at the door per show. You can pick up your pass at CKUT (3647 University St.), Phonopolis (207 Bernard Ouest) or Cheap Thrills (2044 Metcalfe st. 2nd floor).
  • In order to welcome this mystical/mythical event into our collective consciousness, we’ve invited Total Eclipse performers to answer a Q&A. Our third interview subject is none other than the completely rad Jordan. Without any further ado…

What is your name? Stranger
What is the story behind your name? I played a show with an animal name before deciding there were too many animal named projects.  Also, the word ‘stranger’ has multiple definitions.
Hometown: Victoria via Winnipeg
Home base: North of Tracks
Latest recording/release: Ancient KidsOdd City
Describe the vibe/feel of this album in five words:
Stoner music for 15 year olds
What have you been listening to lately?
Too much.  I work at a record store..
If you could see your music, what would it look like?
A multicolored, self-dribbling basketball balancing pointy-shiny objects on its head while bouncing uphill and trying not to deflate.
Most crucial equipment for your music making:
What’s your back up plan?
No Comment.
Whose songs will be playing on the oldies station 50 years from now?
Hopefully Lightning Bolt and Group Bombino. Most likely Nickleback.