Behold: Dirtyboots

((( TOTAL ECLIPSE ))) Q&A with Dirtyboots

Behold: Dirtyboots

  • Total Eclipse (Oct. 20th-22nd) is coming, three shows in a row to herald CKUT’s annual funding drive. Hurrah! The brightness will be blacked out from our days and memories will be forged from stage light and shadow. Did you know that passes for the series are now available? They’re $20 for all three nights versus paying $8 at the door per show. You can pick up your pass at CKUT (3647 University St.), Phonopolis (207 Bernard Ouest) or Cheap Thrills (2044 Metcalfe st. 2nd floor).
  • In order to welcome this mystical/mythical event into our collective consciousness, we’ve invited Total Eclipse performers to answer a Q&A. Our second interview subject is none other than the completely rad Dirtyboots. Without any further ado…

What is your name?
What is the story behind your name?
I spent a significant amount of my formative years listening to sonic youth and having an insane crush on kim gordon.  This all still applies now, in fact.
Hometown: Winnipeg!  The land of great music and total babes.
Home base: Montreal
Latest recording/release: I just put out a demo (self-titled) that was recorded by the lovely Markus Lake.  I was in a crazy rush to finish it because I was going on tour in the U.S. and knew that it was unlikely I’d be making mad cash, so had to at least have some fucking merch!  I screenprinted it myself, and I think it turned out pretty cool!
Describe the vibe/feel of this album in five words: dark.  grimy.  soul. noise.  synthy.
What have you been listening to lately? I just re-organized my record collection, which becomes unmanageable at least once a month – it made me remember (again) that can is a fucking awesome band.  Also a few great compilations of cambodian psych music are making a pretty heavy rotation right now.
What is your craziest/most memorable/favourite tour story? This summer I went on a mini tour with 2600.1, and we last minute decided for the hell of it to max out the fun and bring two artist buddies of mine, which meant that we had not one but TWO people to do visuals for us.  It was fucking hilarious because we were playing super skid venues and punk houses half the time, but damn did every show have mad style because of the sweet projections.
What’s your pre-show routine? Nothing in particular?  Milling anxiously around my house.
…And post-show? Generally a night of revelry and fun-having ensues after a show.
Who would you love to share a bill with? In a true dream world?  Alan Vega.  And Billie Holiday.
Who are your dream collaborators (living or dead)? The amazing crew of DUCK TRUCK RADIO have have always been my favorite people to organize and perform at events with, be it some weird  outdoor show in the middle of nowhere or a tiny noise event at  a used clothing store.  Always fun, always all night.
Most crucial equipment for your music making: My synth!  It’s a Roland SH 2000 and it provides a really warm and lush sound.
What did you do last Wednesday? Played with my adorable new puppy Bruce!
Who do you cherish most in your life? That same Bruce.  Of course.
What movie makes you laugh after a long day? I will always have a soft spot for empire records, I think.
What’s your back up plan? I always have so many different things on the go at the same time, besides music – I’m a bit manic when it comes to having projects.  I guess because of that I don’t really have a need for a ‘backup’.   I’m not especially concerned about ‘making it’ in terms of fame or labels or what have you…My  ‘goals’, truly, are just to  able to play interesting and weird events with musicians that I consider innovative, and for people who’s musical tastes I respect to dig the music that I write.
Have you found love? I have been in love.  Love is one of the most beautiful and terrible things that can happen to a person.  But I’m also an earnest fan of sweet bachelor living.

When and where are your upcoming shows/performances?
The CKUT fundraiser TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE CHARTS that my radio crew and I (duck truck radio)  are hosting.  I’m also organizing a crazy gay noise show this december as a follow up to last years LADYNOISEFEST.
Whose songs will be playing on the oldies station 50 years from now? I guess this bullshit that’s on the radio right now?  Katy Perrey or whatever?  Though hopefully it’ll be Dead Prez.  Ya never know.

  • Robyn a.k.a. Dirtyboots is playing the third night of the Total Eclipse series (presented by DUCK TRUCK RADIO) which will be happening at thee old Hotel2Tango (173-A Van Horne) along with LimbsWanderedAlone, Zimo, DJ Fiberglasspants, DJ Aaron Maiden, DJ Julie D, DJ Backdoor, DJ otherpeoplesmusic.