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Sick Friend

Show Review: Sick Friend

Sick Friend played O Patro Vys on the Monday after Pop Montreal with The Dead Letters and Cobra & Vulture. They opened the night in a dragon’s breath of red-lit dry ice (the venue’s, not their own) and pulled the wings off the beast with weird pop tunes. The duo form a tight unit on stage; Michael plays intricate melodies on his guitar, fingers knitting precise spidery patterns on the fret board. Jordy maintains the rhythm section along with some melody by doing triple duty on a percussion/drum set up as well as synthesizer and bass synth (at one point awe-ing the crowd with some fast drumming on the snare between synth lines- whew!). There wasn’t much stage banter and the band displayed ease and confidence on stage, tossing out smiles for free in between well-crafted, lyrical tunes that danced from pop bliss to soulful make-out jams to anxious ruminations on relationships. Micahel’s voice was absolutely gorgeous and spot on, gently reaching for notes at times velvety and intimate and other moments quirky and tinged with a touch of theatrical hysteria.

Photos and words by Amber G.