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Concert Listings: October 6 – 12

By Karen R.

Thursday October 6 Pitchfork likes to call what Suuns do a marriage of space prog and krautrock and NME hailed them as the #1 Best New Band New Band of 2011. Journalistic labels and critical acclaim aside, word on the street is these locals puts on one hell of a live show. Head over to Il Motore tonight and check them out with openers P.S. I Love You.

Friday October 7 Monstre is the side project of experimental noise rocker Arnauld Le Gouefflec of L’orchestre Prehistorique. Check him out Friday at Il Motore or miss out some serious preapproved groove.

Saturday October 8 Third times a charm at Il Motore this week with locals Ra Ra Riot and T.O.’s Dinosaur Bones on the bill. A night of upbeat and thoughtful indie rock for all!

Sunday October 9 No one does it like Thee Silver Mt. Zion. Watch em shred after what’s sure to be a rousing set by fellow Montreal alt jazzist Jason Sharp. Sala Rossa.

Monday October 10 Banish those pre-winter blues at Le Divan Orange with L.A. based Capital Cities and let their sunny electro pop fill your ears and warm your bones. With Invites! Exciting!

Tuesday October 11 It’s decided. Tuesday night is quartet night at Casa del Popolo for L’OFF Festival de Jazz de Montreal. The sax players of Les Cheminees Roulees are taking the first half of the night but the real clincher is the HARMONICAL QUARTET that going to be filling the second. They call themselves D’har and I think I might have a heart attack from awesome it’s going to be.

Wednesday October 12 End the week in music with the beautiful pop tones of the The Pinecones and The Darling De Maes at Le Divan Orange.


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Keep your head up when walking around or crate digging cuz posters are going up this week and music series passes will be made available at foine record shops near you. More soon!