CKUT Garage Sale + Open House (BBQ / CD + vinyl / baking!!!)

Reality Bites (1994)...but not at CKUT!

Get on out of your house/classroom/office and come drop by our open house! We’re selling a lot of old vinyl and CDs plus DJing hot jams and serving up baked goods. The details (also available on the Facebook event…invite yer friends!):

QPIRG McGill & CKUT present: OPEN HOUSE 2011

CDs & School Schmool agendas sold on the cheap! (cheap cheap)

On Friday, September 16th, join CKUT radio & QPIRG McGill for a barbecue and CD sale happening out front (or possibly in back!) of the CKUT/QPIRG building on University (just south of des Pins).

Come for the food and music, STAY FOR THE QPIRG McGill / CKUT OPEN HOUSE happening right afterwards! 5 – 7pm, inside.

  • Have you always wondered what goes on inside this mysterious building, chock full of creativity and frantic organizing?
  • Have you thought about getting involved with CKUT or QPIRG, but have wanted some more concrete info first?
  • Have you always wanted to see inside a working community radio station? (all that equipment, all those buttons…)
  • Or perhaps you are a seasoned participant in such things, but just want to come hang out. or get a little refresher. This is the time to ask all the questions and pose all the queries you’ve been wondering about these two awesome campus organizations, but were too afraid to ask (or perhaps you were not afraid, but just have never gotten around to asking them — after all, who could be afraid of such a friendly group of people?)

Any and all are welcome and invited to this friday afternoon event!