Daily Archives: September 13, 2011

CKUT carves out a niche on the Free Music Archives

Yes, it’s music.

After many months of plotting and planning, CKUT has landed on the Free Music Archive. Don’t know what the FMA is? Get your head out of your ass and check them out already, it’s years of creative music enjoyment, the brain Child of the mother of all free-form radio stations, WFMU, that operates out of Jersey City. The FMA is a massive archive of legal audio downloads that grows bolder and broader every day with curators from all over the world contributing content, and now CKUT curates audio submissions for them too.

Our FMA collection is currently small but will grow with every live performance we have on the station. To start things off, we uploaded exclusive live tracks by Dreamcatcher, k.a.n.t.n.a.g.a.n.o., Sundrips, Element Kuuda, Rebecca Foon, Bernardino Femminielli, Chantale Laplante and Martine Crispo, Lantern, Zachary Fairbrother, and Nick Kuepfer.

first attempt i forgot

First Thursday’s {a}live of the Fall Semester

School is back in session, and that means CKUT is up to it’s old tricks. Every third Thursday of the month CKUT invites bands with McGill-ian amidst their ranks to perform at Gert’s Tavern (situated on the McGill Campus in the basement of the Shatner building) for a night of live music and rocking tunes spun by CKUT DJs. So shuffle on over to Gerts this Thursday September 15th to dig your ears into the Chinese traditional emo-surf sounds of the Pinyin Pals and manlegs offspring: Spicoli
  • Doors at 7, show is Free!