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Tango Charlie

Concert Listings: September 9-14

Tango Charlie

By Karen R.

Friday Sept. 9 You could see some of the same old guitar-driven indie rock tonight, and stand with with your arms appropriately crossed, Pabst Blue Ribbon in hand, perhaps nodding your head occasionally in accordance with hipster protocol, or you could give way to all of that  saying “fuck you derivation! I deserve  better!” and spend a night with French pop/ swing collective TangoCharlie, because linking arms and dancing around in circles Paris style beats the hell out of bored face. With Elektrisk Gonner + Onomatops at Le Divan Orange. 10 pm.

Meow Mix

Saturday  Sept. 10 There is a band from Bridgewater Mass. called Meow Mix. They have two songs on their myspace, one of which is a punk rock cover of the Meow Mix jingle, and the other a hard hitting breakbeat track that samples and loops the “all meow” version of the Meow Mix jingle. At first I thought to myself, “How in the hell did they manage to book a show at La Sala Rossa on a Saturday night? Am I actually going to drop dollar on this ridiculous gimmick to find out?” Well, the answer to that question was yes, until I realized that the Meow Mix going down at Sala is actually a queer slowdance party.  Probably for the best since curiosity killed the cat, but that second track is solid like white albacore.

Marissa Nadler

Sunday Sept. 11 It seems that every week there’s at least one folksy songstress playing somewhere in this town worth seeing, and this week it’s Marissa Nadler. She has one of those timeless and haunting voices it borders on spectral – like she’s harmonizing with her own ghost.  She’ll be playing La Sala Rossa with James Vincent McMorrow, one of the better acoustic singer songwriters I’ve heard in a long while. He’s like the sing you down a creek kind of good.

The Jim Jones Revue

Monday Sept. 12 London’s The Jim Jones Revue will be serving up some old school rock n’ roll with an edge Monday night with 60’s style fuzz rockers Kid Congo and the Moneybirds at Casa del Popolo. It’s classic cool updated.

Active Child

Tuesday Sept. 13 I cannot tell you how quickly and intensely you will fall in love with Pat Grossi’s latest musical endeavour Active Child. His synthy, spacey, harp heavy slow jams, soulful vocals and gripping beats will melt you at first listen. Pure. Magic. He’ll be playing with trancey electro new wave outfit Com Truise and hazy Devo meets 90’s R&B revivalists Chad Valley at Casa del Popolo Tuesday night. Don’t miss it for a wedding, don’t miss it for a funeral, don’t miss it for nothin’.

Mind That Bird

Wednesday Sept. 14 Wednesday looks like a relatively promising night of indie folk at Le Divan Orange with a quadruple bill featuring In Tall Buildings, Violet Rays, Glass Passenger, and Mind That Bird at Le Divan Orange. None of these bands is over the top, but it’s rare that you get a 4 on 4 of not awful, and hey, it’s better than eating your tapas in silence.


Sun Unleashes X-Class Solar Flares…that could cause radio blackouts?

X-Class solar flares“? What did radio do to piss off Professor X, interrupt his Cerebro signal?

AJ-the-amateur-astronomer sent along this article describing sun flares that ocurred this past Tuesday and how they “were accompanied by a coronal mass ejection, or CME, which is a cloud of hot charged particles that moves at high speed outward from the Sun’s surface. The flares are seen first, as the light and radiation take only eight minutes to get to Earth. The CME moves slower and takes days, in the same way that thunder follows lightning.”

The dudes who know, NASA, say that “flares can affect Earth’s ionosphere, through which high frequency radio waves travel, and cause radio blackouts.” We were not effected, luckily.

The article goes on to describe that “Early models suggest that both the CMEs will not travel directly toward Earth but perhaps just graze our atmosphere in the North, delivering a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field, and could cause auroras in the northern latitudes between Sept. 8 – 10.”